Character Discussion

Didn’t get much writing done today, huh… I want to write, but I’m finding it difficult to actually write stuff. I can’t decide which prompts I even want to work on. So I’m going to just write in my blog.

There are way too many characters. o_o That’s how I feel sometimes. I prefer to focus on the childhood friends. The other girls beside Rin aren’t necessarily bad characters, I do like them, but I find if I have them all involved, my fics get bogged down in endless talking.

How’s that any different to the common route of Little Busters? LOL, I know >_> I actually prefer the scenes where all the childhood friends are together, and with as few of the other heroines besides Rin. Not that I don’t enjoy stuff like Kick The Can…

Scenes where Riki’s talking with a single heroine who isn’t Rin can actually feel pretty weak in comparison. Sure, there are some decent scenes, but I just really prefer the scenes with the other boys around.

Maybe that’s one reason why Refrain is so great, the heroines aren’t around? Eh… The interaction, the humour, the dialogue is really solid in Refrain. Refrain is great. The common route is great too.

I really just want to write about Kyousuke & Riki & Rin, and there’s no harm in having Masato and Kengo around either. Komari’s good to have around too so she can be in lesbians with Rin. Kurugaya is a fun character too though, with her perversion, and Mio for being a fujoshi. Hell yeah. Haruka and Kud are just, okay. I do like them though, I swear.

What about Kanata, Sasami and Saya? Ehh. I don’t really care about them. I don’t *dislike* them, I guess, I just have no interest in writing them. Sure, I guess they have managed to worm their way into the odd chapter or one-shot though. I’d just prefer to focus on the main cast.

The boys need more love, dammit. ;_; I want a Kyousuke figure. At least there’s the Kyousuke dakimakura, but I want a figure. I also kinda wouldn’t mind a cross-dressing Riki dakimakura. Huehuehue. Not gonna happen though. I figure we’re done with new Little Busters dakimakuras. Probably done with new Little Busters figures too.

At least there’s the anime box sets coming out soon. A Refrain one should follow. I’d like to see something new for the Little Busters 10th anniversary~ Probably won’t be much more than an artbook, but I wouldn’t mind a new artbook. Just gimme new Little Busters things. ;_;


Starting over?

Getting imbibed on alcohol while lying in bed is ever so fun. Nothing like lying in bed and sipping a glass of wine. Living on my own is awesome.

So, what am I going to talk about now? Hmm. I wonder if I might start over on some of my sci-fi prompts for Mission Insane. Body Swap was fun, with Riki accidentally starting a rumour about Rin being a cross-dressing boy, but it got bogged down in dialogue and feels a bit, egh. As much as I love Little Busters, I apparently don’t want to write like Maeda.

*glances at Charlotte*

Yeah, don’t write like Maeda.

… yes, I know I’m making no damn sense now.

But I want to write stuff that’s more… serious? Action-y? You know, with plot. I guess. If it’s just proceed from Point A to Point B with nothing but people talking, it’s a bit dull. I need to be more adventurous~

Unfortunately, sometimes I kind of suck at thinking of ideas.

NaNo is always a hurdle. All the dragging out I have to do…. T_T

Letting it go

I kinda feel like I just want to let myself go and write whatever the hell I want, y’know? Write all the smut, yay! \O/ With anyone I damn well want and any pairings I like~ (uhh… not that I’m going to go too nuts. o_O)

Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go, turn away and slam the door~ I don’t care what they’re going to say, let the storm rage oooon!

Uh, anyway… what was I talking about?

Honestly, it’s hard to focus on writing at the moment. I want to write, but it’s hard to concentrate D= And I’m kinda bored… probably because I’m just sitting in the house all day long. Yippee.

So, I’m trying to write some smut drabbles using drabble prompts. Fun. It might not actually all be Kyouriki. *gasp* … Meh. I already wrote a fic prompt where Masato fisted Riki, didn’t I? There’s no harm in using my imagination.

If it makes people scream in horror, all the better… j/k.

Of course it will mostly be slash. Slash is the best. I’m not too keen on involving the girls. Kurugaya, okay, everyone else…

They totally don’t all have sex in an H rated version of Little Busters or anything, nope. Well, whatever, time to let my imagination run riot! Yay!

NaNo pondering

This is what I wrote on my iPhone trying to think of ideas for NaNoWriMo.

Kyouriki and Komarin definitely. Focus on those four.
Drama is fun. Make them suffer. Well, not all of them.
Set after high school? Great excuse not to have every girl around all the time. (10 characters is a lot to have in a single scene ok)

Writing on my iPhone is a pain. Even moreso now that the swipe keyboard app I was using stopped working >< Ugh.

My imagination gets really edgy when I'm playing with plotbunnies in bed, I swear. I thought up Kyousuke getting drugged and raped by a workmate, then the workmate attacked Riki in their apartment when he was alone but Rin comes and manages to call the cops and… uh, idek, I think up crazy shit sometimes.

Sometimes I'm in that kind of mood. '.' Anyway, nobody wants to see rape in Little Busters fanfiction, right? Come on, self… I thought I was going to try to break the curse of NaNoWriMo.

… I guess the nightmares fic already went there though. Kyousuke's nightmare involved him believing Rin was dead, only to find out she had wound up with memory loss and been forced into prostitution. Yup, I went there. o_o Well, it didn't happen to Rin *directly*, her nightmare was about something else entirely, so that's totally okay, right? ^^;

Eh, I don't think there's any harm in tackling darker issues, as long as it's done tastefully. And wasn't I supposed to stop caring about what other people thought anyway?

Why do I have so many blogs anyway? Maybe this will be my honesty blog, where I just write what the fuck ever and not care about people seeing it. I'll expose my dark side to the world! Muahahahahaha! … I'm in a strange mood today, sorry.

… Sometimes I try to pretend I'm an innocent soul and shy from posting certain fanfiction on my main accounts. This doesn't always work out. Besides, sockpuppeting wouldn't work in a tiny fandom like Little Busters. Posting Litbus fanfiction as Kyarorain instead of Rincchi doesn't really count, does it?


How about Magical Girl Riki? … No? Meh, I suck at thinking of ideas. But why not? He gets to wear a pretty dress and fight monsters that came the hell out of nowhere and not get tentacle- uh, I mean… never mind.

I couldn’t just write 50,000 words of crack and insanity, could I? Dream worlds hold so much potential. I can come up with absolutely anything. Anything~

I can pretty much predict how NaNo would go.

“Gee, I’m in the mood for darkness, angst and terrible things.” *starts writing fanfic filled with darkness, angst, and terrible things.*

Five days later…

“Ugh, darkness, angst and terrible things are just too depressing. Let’s start a new fic~” *switches over to something fluffy and comedic or whatever*

And by the end of it, I will be combining word counts from both of them as well as a bazillion half-assed oneshots I wrote to count toward the quota. That’s how it usually goes… ‘.’ I’m such a rebel.

Mood swings, man. They are such a pain.

Working on Halloween fanfiction

I’m working hard on my planned Halloween fanfic, to the point I’ve been getting hand pain. Ouch. >_> Not fun. Basically, the Little Busters have scary nightmares or something. It’s a dream world thing, though I’m not entirely sure how they end up there. I’ll get to that soon. Maybe. Depends on if I finish the fic.

Honestly, I’m kinda starting to suffer from story fatigue ‘.’ It’s a bit of a drag…

Still haven’t thought of nightmares for like half of them.

Mio’s nightmare is Kyousuke and Riki breaking up. OBVIOUSLY. Haha, just kidding… but Kyousuke and Riki breaking up would be a terrible thing indeed. *shudder* If they became a couple in the first place. Pfft, they are already a couple. Definitely. Kyousuke x Riki is canon and nobody can persuade me otherwise.

I can’t even gush about Kyouriki on my Twitter account because, uh, certain people. Sigh. Oh, well, I can gush about it here. I love Kyouriki! \O/ Yay for Kyouriki!

I want to write more Kyouriki… write all the Kyouriki porn, ohh yessss. ❤

There aren't enough people writing Little Busters fanfiction. Sadness.

But at least Kyousuke x Riki is the most popular pairing on the AO3 tag. Isn't that great?

Anyway, watch me half-ass this nightmares fic. Come to think of it, what would Kurugaya's nightmare be?

…………………………………………….. fuck knows. Whoever's behind this dream world nonsense would have a hard time giving her the heebie jeebies, let alone traumatizing her.

Being a fujoshi

Today is going to be another productive day. \O/ I really feel like being productive. It’s amazing. I need to make up for that writing slump I was in.

Yes, I realize rambling in my blog isn’t exactly conductive but I don’t care. 😀

Man, how many times have I hit the search button on my Chromebook thinking it’s Caps Lock? I love my Chromebook though. ❤

Anyway, I’m going to work on the Mission Insane prompts some more.

Horror is done. Oh boy… I can’t wait to freak people out. Kink is just about done… although some of those prompts are severely half-assed, yahahaha ^^; I couldn’t really do anything for bondage and bdsm, and hot wax… hot wax? Really? That’s a kink? I don’t get it at all. Oh well. Yay for writing bad porn~

I’m also working on sci-fi prompts. There’s even more porn in there.

Am I going to do all these prompt tables? Eh, probably not, there are so many of them @_@ I’ll just have to sort the prompt tables out, decide which ones I’m willing to do and which ones to throw out. Some of these prompt tables are pretty good though.

There’s going to be plenty of Kyouriki ❤ Aw yeah, I love Kyouriki.

I wish I could go on about Kyouriki and retweet it on my Twitter, but, ugh. I have to be followed by those boring “normal” people who look down their nose at fujoshi, and dislike Kyouriki and Trap Riki, that kind of thing, ugh. ;_; It sucks.

I love cross-dressing Riki. I love Kyouriki. I am a fujoshi and damn proud of it too. Being surrounded by boring people sucks.

Then I guess I should just go be myself on Tumblr instead. Tumblr can be a bit stressful for me sometimes though, meh. But at least I can just not care about what people think of the stuff I post.

Okay, enough of this blogging, get back to ficcing, self!

I like crack

I am the brain breaking soldier of insanity and randomness, Sailor Crack! In the name of crack, I shall stupefy you!

… Doesn’t that sound kind of cool? I want to drown the world in crackalicious… uh, insanity. Yay~! \O/

What would everyone’s names be if they were magical girls? I was kind of wondering about that for some reason, like, what if I just used the meanings of the kanji used for their names?

So, Rin would be Jujube Bell…

Komari’s name… well, Kamikita is ‘God North’ and Komari is ‘small burr/ball’ Doesn’t Northern Goddess sound totally cool? You know, using all the kanji is difficult in some cases…

Uhh, so… Haruka… oh, geez, her given name is spelled with 3 kanji. Separately they mean leaf, stop and excellent.

… Ahh, never mind. ^^; This is more difficult than I thought. Sure, it’s easy enough when the character has a name

But I love crackfic~ Yaaaay~ Humour is awesome. I really love the common route in Little Busters, it’s so fun to just read it over and over and over again. Jun Maeda is a god.

It’s nice to be working on fanfiction again. Not only am I working on Mission: Insane Prompts, I’m also writing Komarin fluff with a set of 25 prompts. I love sweet and fluffy stuff. Yay for fluff! \O/ One day I should get back to the Kyouriki prompts and Daily Lives… they have been horribly neglected. =(

I wonder if I should put the Mission Insane prompts on NyaaNyaaDango… that’s one of my sockpuppets by the way. I was doing the Corpse Party fic on there but it died. Whoops. Then I was going to do a nightmare scenario fic with everyone having nightmares, but then I was like “THIS IS TOO DARK D: D: D: ABORT ABORT.” … but it would be absurd for everyone to be having nightmares about being chased in a land of candy floss by giant purple teddy bears while an orchestra plays the Barney theme in the background, you know?

I think I just don’t want to do anything too dark for Little Busters, so… yeah. Let’s just write about everyone having happy fun times as always \O/

… Some of my horror prompts for Mission Insane are pretty fucked up though, yikes. Well, it’s horror. I even managed to creep myself out writing some of them, ahahaha. ^^;

Why am I admitting to being a sockpuppet anyway…? Eh, I don’t care if people know, honestly. I have my reasons. They are pretty silly reasons but I honestly don’t care. But, yeah, there are so many different sets of prompts on Mission Insane and I don’t know about lumping them all into one fic. Maybe one fic for each set?

Maybe I’ll use my other alternate account. I kinda want to revive it. It’s got over 1 million words. Mostly shit fanfiction, though. Alright, selenia will be in charge of posting Mission Insane stuff so that rincchi won’t appear to be a fanfic tag spammer! (also, I totally want to reach 2 million)

… I can’t help it if nobody else is writing Little Busters fanfiction. T_T

Yes, I am being entirely silly, I know. Oh well.

Why do I have three different AO3 accounts? … Good question! I’m not really sure myself. Identity crises, fandom abandoning, sockpuppeting… it’s a mess. I created NyaaNyaaDango because. Uh. I wanted to experiment with writing styles. Or something. I don’t know.


So, what have I been up to lately? Writing, writing and more writing. 😀 I’ve actually been feeling productive lately. It’s awesome! \O/ I’m doing prompts for this Mission Insane thing and it’s going pretty well. … I’m totally going to post it all on AO3. Yes, even the bad porn. Yay for bad porn!

Pfft, I’ve already posted porn on the Little Busters tag (a Kyouriki shower sex fic actually) so it’s not like I’m making a breakthrough, and I don’t care what people think about me posting porn there. Fu fu fu… >:3

Well, I can assure you, I won’t be posting porn involving the girls. Boys only. What do you mean Little Busters is a galge aimed at males? Sure would be nice if Key acknowledged they had female fans. Actually, it seems Angel Beats might have homosexuality in the VN and the guys are even getting naked sprites…

That’s nice and all, BUT WHERE’S MY NAKED KYOUSUKE, NA-GA?! Why did he never gift us with naked Kyousuke?! ;_; Sob… we don’t even have male figures. I want a Kyousuke figure.

Petition for Altair to make a Kyousuke figure. \O/ … Yeah right. Sob.

Anyway, it’s difficult being a prolific author in a fandom where hardly anyone else is writing. I get worried about annoying people, because I’m posting too many fics, but I can’t really help it, can I? It’s not my fault nobody else is posting. I just remember going into a Pokémon fanfic section and going through countless pages of fanfics by this one person and it was annoying…

But… I want to write all the fics!

I guess I could always trot out my alternate account. *whistle* Actually, I’ve got two of them… but I get the feeling sockpuppeting won’t work when I’m the only prolific author. XD; Besides, why would I want to disguise myself? I shall shamelessly post whatever I want! O/ Who cares what other people think?!

Fill all the prompts~ Yay~

Maybe I should do some website work… haha, yeah right. I want to make a more personal Little Busters related site, I think… maybe just host it on or something.

Namecheap hosting runs out in July, and will go with it. R.I.P., domain. I’ve moved over to Smart Web Hosting. Gives you unlimited everything for a low price. Awesome. I just don’t want to pay through the nose for some tiny hobby related websites, you know?