Well, in preparation for my eventual take down of my site, I guess I’ll put the content here. Not like there was much of it anyway… actually, all I had was a link to my Kyousuke gallery on Flickr, the dakimakura page, and a gif page with one single gif on it. orz

But isn’t it such a lovely gif?

[Welcome message]

Welcome to, a shrine dedicated to the absolute perfection that is Natsume Kyousuke. Kyousuke is perfect in every way and therefore he should have a fansite for himself. All hail Kyousuke!

Actually, you’ll find other stuff here so it isn’t strictly just a Kyousuke shrine. It’s somewhat of a general Little Busters site too where I’ll put random things that are related to Little Busters. There will be a lot of Kyouriki appreciation here too, because I ship Kyousuke x Riki like crazy.

I am Rincchi and, as you could probably tell, I am a rabid Kyousuke fangirl. I love Natsume Kyousuke very much, so much I just couldn’t resist taking advantage of a .me domain name like this. I do kind of have a domain name addiction to be honest, though it’s a mild one fortunately. Anyway, Kyousuke deserves it, does he not?

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Check out my other Little Busters related sites here: – A Little Busters resource site. – A fansite dedicated to Rin. – A Komari fansite / Komarin appreciation site.

I can be found in other places too:

Archive of Our Own

… and that’s it. How sad.

I do want to make a Kyouriki page somewhere… and a page for my Little Busters collection… and, well, just general stuff, I guess. Hm. Don’t really have anywhere good for it.

I was supposed to be working on a new page for, wasn’t I? I should work on that site some more. I’m so lazy with working on websites these days. ;.; Still gotta do an overhaul of’s profiles section too.


Site is up

So, I finally got my Little Busters! site up once I was able to transfer the domain. It’s on Namecheap and all is good. It’s not really complete yet, there’s still some things to work on, but there’s enough there that I considered it ready to put up.

The site can be found at

Now I just need to think of more things to put on there, I guess. Hmm. I did quite a lot of stuff already for the anime section – synopses for every episode, and also an anime gallery with screencaps from all the episodes. It’s about time we had a proper anime gallery because I don’t think anyone ever did one for Little Busters.

Well, with the first season, I can understand why… though the first season is looking pretty damn well animated after I’ve been sitting through episodes of Sailor Moon Crystal. Ugh.

Why can’t we have a Bokura no Asa OVA. ;_;

People actually want a Kud Wafter adaptation. Bleh, no thanks. If the only returning members of the Little Busters are Riki and Kud, it’s probably a hell of a snorefest. I’ve read a lot of criticism of it too. Meh, so not interested.

Why did Kud get the spin-off anyway… oh right, because she’s moe and very popular. She was the most popular girl until Saya came along.

Kud is adorable as hell and I love her, but her route was just so, ugh. So boring. I couldn’t stand it on a replay. It was alright first time around but that was because I was reading everything for the first time so it didn’t bother me. On a replay though… yawn.

Unless JC Staff changed things and actually had the other Little Busters around, I really wouldn’t want to see a Kud Wafter adaptation at all.

Website update

Finally got something up for – well, the front page anyway, with a layout. There’s nothing else there yet so it’s very much a work in progress. I spent all morning working on it. So tiring. I’m way too much of a perfectionist for my own good.

I love 1920 x 1080 pixel resolutions layouts, don’t I… well, yeah. I want to have a layout that looks good on the highest resolution available. I know it’s a tad inconvenient for smaller resolutions as they can’t see the whole layout though. The sad thing is, even I don’t full screen my browser so I’m never actually viewing websites at 1920 x 1080 resolutions and yet I’m still making huge ass website layouts.

So now I’ve got a layout for, I can actually work on some site content. Alright then. TBH, I can’t really think of a lot of stuff to put up. o_o Well, a gallery, sure. I’ll have to work on that sometime. I also have to work on the gallery for So I’ll go through episodes taking pictures of both siblings and try to sort them out. Sounds messy, but whatever.

I’m pretty tired right now so that will have to wait.

Sigh. I wish I knew how to make pretty website layouts. I’m still pretty amateurish when it comes to designing websites. Well, I’m satisfied with my character shrine layouts at least. No need to go overboard for those kind of sites.


Domain stuff

So, I went ahead and got after a fair amount of deliberating. Unfortunately went with a shitty registrar that didn’t have proper Whois privacy at first, little knowing about that flaw. Nuked the domain. Went a couple days without it while I decided what registrar to use instead. Picked another one, and now is a fully functioning domain hosted on Namecheap. Hurray~

That crappy registrar kept my money though. Dirtbags. >=/ They turned it into “account credit” which is just a bullshit excuse to hold money hostage. What if I didn’t want to use your service anymore, huh? So I spent it on another domain. I’ll transfer that one eventually. Gotta wait at least a month.

Designing a website is actually kind of fun even though I suck at it. Thank goodness for this awesome CSS tutorial site. With it, CSS is a breeze. So now I’m working on my Rin fansite.

I might turn into a Kyousuke shrine while I’m at it. Why the hell not. Kyousuke is perfection and he deserves it.

Been a while since I made character fansites. I haven’t done one since I left the Pokémon fandom years ago. Had a bunch of character fansites. I was crazy about making websites. Haven’t really had website fever in a while.

So, a fansite for Rin and a fansite for Kyousuke then. As for a generic Little Busters site… eh, later. Let me transfer that domain first then I’ll actually do stuff. Maybe. I like this new domain more than littlebusters,eu so it might actually stand a chance.

Oh, so fickle…

Well, today, an invoice came from my current host for a renewal of my hosting account (which I’ve had for a year) and I decided to look around and see if there was anything just a bit cheaper (I like cheaper. Cheaper is good. I’m such a cheapskate.) Anyway, I found something cheaper, with more disk space and unlimited bandwidth too. Even better! So I jumped ship to a new host.

I left behind… eh, to be honest, I’m bored of the domain name anyway and I never did crap for the four months I owned it. e_e (I still own it, actually. It will expire sometime next year.) I gave up on using a website template and was going to give WordPress a try, but, meh. Namecheap has a website builder. Maybe that will work for me. I have no clue about website coding whatsoever. Oh wait, it costs £23 a year. x_x In that case, nope.

So, after ditching… actually, I’ve always had a tendency for registering random domain names and a) doing nothing with them or b) using them for a short while before ditching them for a new domain name. I am so fickle. D: I have a new domain name!

My new domain name is…

Hopefully this one will fare better!

When looking through the new TLDs and seeing .tokyo, I totally thought it would be funny to register but that’s a bit long, isn’t it? … Is there a character limit on domain names? I’d certainly hope so. That aside, I must say that the .moe domain is quite tempting indeed. I’m hardly gonna hold out hope for, say, I’ll bet that was pre-ordered on day 1.

The general registration period begins on the 22nd, so we’ll see. Hmm,, maybe? That’s a terrible pun indeed… but Rin-chan is so very moe. I love Rin-chan~

If the Rin dakis weren’t so pervy, I’d probably be tempted to get one and have a squishy Rin to cuddle, but, uh. They are all pervy. Too bad really because the anime artwork is actually quite cute. I’d feel filthy snuggling up to an almost naked Rin so no thank you.

At least I’m getting a Kyousuke dakimakura… but… how the hell could I hide a body pillow? There’s nowhere to hide one in my room. I’m going to have to wait until, like, December. Poo.

Of course Yahoo Answers has questions on hiding dakimakuras. Of course.

Little Busters website?

Hmm, I’d like to make a Little Busters! website. I’m getting that website itch… boy, it’s sure been a while. I can’t even remember the last time I touched a CSS stylesheet. I just like making websites. Websites are fun.

It’s been quiet on the website front lately (actually, I only have one active website left, so yeah…)

I’d like to attempt a wiki too, but the last time I tried that, it was a miserable failure. =/ … The activation email for my account never sent, no matter how many times I tried. Not sure if the problem was Installatron or MediaWiki itself, but in the end, I just gave up. Eh, I don’t think I really need one anyway. The Little Busters wikia’s not that bad, unlike some wikias I’ve seen.

So! Little Busters website, huh? It might be fun. I’ve already got an idea for a domain but I’m not going to say what it is, just in case. What if, like, some kind of domain crawling bot picked it up and registered it? I don’t know if that can happen or not but I won’t take the risk before I’ve registered it myself.

Now I’m just gonna brainstorm for what kinda stuff I’ll put on it~

Characters section, definitely.

I was considering copy pasting the Kyousuke’s One Question – One Answers stuff to a page, but maybe it would be enough to just link to the blog on Tumblr I made for it? It’s by the way. Not all the questions are posted yet, they should be done in a couple of weeks. We’ll see…

I should have categories rather than stuffing links to everything in the sidebar too. Yeah, that would be sensible. Categories go in the sidebar, individual links on the pages themselves. I think that works.

“Anime” for the anime stuff… I’m thinking episode summaries? An episode listing?

“Visual novel” for the VN specific stuff? Hmm, but is there any real reason to keep the anime and VN stuff separate? It might be better to have a general category, I think. Hmm.

“Media” section, definitely. Hmm, that reminds me, I wanted to get the Little Busters! Ecstasy Perfect Guide… there aren’t any scans of it online, like with the first one. I probably shouldn’t upload music, considering it’s on iTunes stores outside of Japan. Yeah, let’s not do that. This isn’t Fuwanovel.

CGs, official art, scans… that can all go there. Actually, I’ve already got a Photobucket account with sprites, CGs and backgrounds ripped from the VN. There sure is a lot of Little Busters! art out there but I’ll gather whatever I can find.

Links. Links are also good.

Manga? Hmm… I dunno what exactly would be in there though. There’s so much Little Busters! manga out there and LNs too and yet there’s only a small handful of the LB! manga available from BookWalker, so it would be a very small section. Yeah, I’m not sure there would be much here so I don’t think I’ll bother with that as a category.

Well, that’s enough brainstorming for now. I’ll think more on this later.