Kyouriki ramblings

Kyousuke and Riki erotically eating pocky together.

Kyousuke sending Riki cheesy Valentine’s texts while he’s in class, making him blush.

Need to think of something suitably ridiculous. He’d probably come up with something out of a manga as usual.

Kyouriki is adorable ashfsheikfdjsuewhe I can’t even how can i come up with something suitably adorable

scarf sharing
drinking hot chocolate together on a cold day
snow falling in their drinks
cheeks flushed red from the cold, breaths misting in the air
sitting on a bench, it’s so quiet, just the two of them, they can hear the sound of each other breathing and the are sitting so close of course
then they finish the hot chocolate and Kyousuke puts his arm around Riki’s shoulders, he leans in so close to Riki’s ear as if to whisper something
Riki waits for what Kyousuke has to say, his heart pounding like its oh so dramatic or something I don’t even know.
“… let’s erotically eat strawberry pocky together.”

Why strawberry? I dunno.

Gosh forget the pocky thing already

Kyousuke and Riki holding hands and running through the spiralling flakes of snow, it’s making Riki dizzy, the endless white swirling around them but Kyousuke is enjoying it, they twirl and twirl then fall down in the snow and he starts making a snow angel while Riki is just like @_@

Drinking with a shared straw in a cafe

Going to see a movie together and Kyousuke is getting through lots of tissues and Riki can’t even focus on the movie, he’s just staring at Kyousuke the whole time, watching him display emotions like when he reads manga then the movie ends and Kyousuke asks how the movie was and Riki just has no clue.

Kyousuke and Riki eating sweet baked potatoes together? just doing things in general together ahh i want to write all the things. I want to write all the cute, fluffy oneshots. Riki blushing, Kyousuke getting in ever so close, wiping food stains from his face ever so tenderly… uguu.

Kyousuke and Riki getting stuck in an elevator for a while and Kyousuke desperately trying to keep things entertaining while they wait for someone to fix it already?

Instead of rambling, I think I should actually write something. Very well, I’ll go and, er, attempt to write that thing I started. It’s got like two lines so far. Isn’t that amazing? I must write a Valentine’s Day fic. It will be about Kyousuke and Riki on a snowy day. Something like that, yeah. It will be so sweet everyone will get toothache from reading it.