Kanata route adaptation

I just watched EX episode 7 (8 will follow shortly. So nice to have them at the same time.) Ahh, it was actually a good episode. There was Kick the Can! … An abridged version though, since all we got was Haruka kicking the can, but it’s still nice to see some of it.

Kanata is so cute~

It’s so great to see all the Little Busters together again, yaaaay~ We got a whole bunch of scenes in there. No spending way too freaking long on one thing either, which was a problem with the Saya route, and partially Sasami. (Geez, they didn’t even try with the Saya episodes, but let’s not get into that… this isn’t about her.)

There seems to be implications of Kanata falling for Riki, so maybe they will go on the lam after all. Ahh, so excite, must watch the rest.

Now let’s start. Doki doki…

Kanata ;.;

I just love seeing the childhood friends hanging out in Riki’s room again.

Where did Kengo’s Little Busters jumper go anyway?

Uuu… Haruka hugging Kanata while Haruka Kanata instrumental plays ;.;

WTF. Kanata totally just got kidnapped instead of willingly going to the car that was to take her away. Okay. o-o Guess they’re changing things. And Kanata was taken away in the car so no confrontation.

Now that’s Kanata’s been kidnapped, whatever will the Little Busters do? Wedding crash? … I guess they’re ignoring the dream world to real world switch. Wedding crash it is.

Kyousuke’s wearing a fake moustache WTF XD

Kengo and Masato with their hair down =O

… Kyousuke, why did you put the moustache on Rin. He’s bridal carrying her away from the Futaki/Saigusa goons. Haha, so cute.

So they went on the lam after all, I guess. I’d need the subs to really be sure.

Well, that wasn’t too bad I guess, though they totally seemed to ignore the dream world to real world thing. They sure love changing things, don’t they… I would have liked to see the hospital scene where Haruka wakes up and sees Kanata there. Oh well… so I guess the wedding crash and going on the lam happen in the dream world? Who knows…

That’s it, huh. No more anime, unless they announce some more OVA episodes (Bokura no Asa? I want to see Bokura no Asa animated ;.;) Sadness…

I’m glad they ended with Kanata and not Sasami, since with Sasami, there wasn’t much of the Little Busters doing things together. Kyousuke didn’t even appear at all. So it was better to see them get up to shenanigans and have fun for the last two episodes of EX, as a kind of last hurrah.

Now give us Bokura no Asa, JC Staff! … Please?


Sasami adaptation

Ugh. The anime adaptation of Sasami’s route was such an abomination. =/ Well, I suppose it was to be expected with only two episodes, but they left so much out. Masato pretending to be Kengo’s roommate and the explanation of how Sasami fell for Kengo plus the truth of what really happened then, Kyousuke contacting Riki… I wanted to see that moment where Rin kept interrupting Riki and Sasami, and Sasami became furious with her too.

Read the route itself in the VN with the help of translated seen.txts (My, that repository was quite the treasure trove. So glad I found it. Screw waiting, I went ahead and helped myself to the translated seen.txt files of Sasami and Kanata’s routes. If they’re going to hold off the release until Saya’s done, then why not.)

Anyway, Sasami’s route was certainly more emotional in the VN. In the anime the emotional stuff was kinda rushed so I didn’t really feel anything. It’s nice to hear Tamiyasu as Sasami too. ❤

Interesting that Lennon could be seen with Rin, both in Kuro’s dream world and in the real world scenes. Maybe Lennon does exist in the real world too. I thought maybe Kyousuke just created him in the dream world, but he could have happened to be a cat that was recently given to Rin in the real world. I dunno.

There was no Kyousuke at all. Ugh. Kyousuke-less episodes make me sad… however, he will be back for the Kanata episodes. Yay!

Kanata route is probably going to be horribly butchered too, but I think most of the best scenes should make it in. The Little Busters stopping Kanata from getting taken away from the school, and also crashing her wedding… I’m particularly looking forward to those. Wonder if the ending will be the same though? Considering Riki is apparently only allowed to be in love with Rin and Saya (ugh, Saya. Of course she had to get four freaking episodes all for herself while Sasami and Kanata only got two each. Damn that Mary Sue…) it would probably be strange for him to go on the lam with Kanata and Haruka.

Actually, I do find Riki taking off with the twins somewhat odd. He’s supposed to be the leader of the Little Busters but instead he’s bunking off and taking one of them with him… oookay. I guess he doesn’t care about spending time with Kyousuke during the last year they will be together in the last year of high school. Nope. Seriously? The idea that he finds Haruka and Kanata more important than the rest of the Little Busters is, well… a bit absurd.

It sure would be nice if we could have an OVA for Bokura no Asa…

Kyouriki forever!

I want more Kyouriki~

Kyouriki is the best ❤

Sure wish I could read all that Japanese fanfiction out there, but alas… I’m still not proficient in reading Japanese. Best I can do is Google Translate it and read all about Kyousuke being in love with a tree. (Actually translating it line by line just doesn’t seem worth it for fanfiction.)

… Actually, Google Translate’s started reading Riki as “rejuvenating” now. Aw, Management/Logical/Physical Tree was so much funnier. Google Translate doesn’t know when to read kanji as words or as names for that matter. Can’t really be helped. So we’ve get stuff like “Bell” for Rin or “Small cone” for Komari… 

I wanted to translate the Little Busters! side stories sometime, didn’t I? Well, the translation of the first side story is in progress but it’s the longest one so it will still take a while yet. At least I’ve done the write up of SS 04 now so I can just focus on the translation.

It’s a crying shame that the side stories mostly focus on the girls. I want more of the boys, darnit. ;_; Even Rin is barely there at all… I think she only appears in two of them. Kyousuke only appears briefly in the first one. Very sad. Three of them are Komari’s POV. Two are Riki’s and Masato gets screentime in both of them, at least, so I guess there’s that. 

I love my brotimes. That’s the main reason why Kurugaya’s route is my favourite, because of Love Love Hunters and all the other fun things that the boys do together. There isn’t really enough of that in most of the other heroine routes. My second favourite? Rin route, of course. The boys get screentime there too, yay~

My order of preferred heroine routes goes something like this:


Kud’s route is complete shit. Fuck that route forever.

… Oh, god, I’ll have to replay that route when the EX translation comes out, won’t I? Because of the new stuff… D= Uuuugh… well, by the time it actually does, I’ll probably have forgotten it all anyway. It’s gonna be a while, huh? We still don’t even have the EX heroine routes yet. Which will happen first, the heroine routes being released or the entirety of the anime EX episodes being released? I wonder…

It sure would be nice if we actually had a proper Kyousuke route, with plenty of Kyousuke loving. Aw, yeah. Even better, how about a Kyousuke After? That would be the best thing ever.

I don’t even know why we got Kud Wafter, considering how awful Kud’s route was. Oh right, because Kud’s a loli or something. Never mind. (Kud Wafter isn’t much better, apparently. Yeah, I’m never playing that.)

Here we go!

So I guess I wanted an alternative to WordPress (something more casual) and decided to try out the Blogger platform. Alright then. Let’s get this show on the road.

Mission Start!

Little Busters saikou~

I need to do more writing for Little Busters but I guess I’m just going to waste my time blogging about random crap. Oh well. I need to write more Kyouriki fanfiction. It is a sad fact that there isn’t enough Little Busters fanfiction. It’s a pretty small fandom, and the anime probably hasn’t helped.

I don’t think the anime was the worst anime ever, like a lot of people are probably thinking, but it’s a shame that JC Staff has turned so many people off Little Busters. The second season was a vast improvement, but, you know, how many of the people who dropped the first season in utter disgust bothered to come back for the second? It’s no use if you’ve already turned so many people away.

Visual Art’s really dropped the ball, picking JC Staff to do the Little Busters! anime, unfortunately. There are some things I like about the anime but it’s got a lot of flaws and consequentially a lot of hate. It makes me so sad to see all that hate for Little Busters. I love the visual novel, more than any of Key’s other works so far, and I wish they had been able to get more people to appreciate it. The anime should have been so amazing that people would be hailing it as better than Clannad.

Oh no, is this turning into an angsty rant? This was meant to be a super fun blog introduction post or something like that. Maybe. I’m just testing the waters here.

Alright then, I’m gonna go do some photo cropping or something. I’ve been meaning to crop those VN portraits for a while now. I had the idea of making an ask blog on Tumblr… something like that, but it still hasn’t really got off the ground. Lazy self.

Rin-chan signing off!