Today is the 10th anniversary of Little Busters, yay~! \O/ Ten years ago today, my very favourite visual novel was released in Japan. I’m still waiting for the English Edition to be released on Steam… ‘.’ By the end of August, huh? And here I was hoping it would be released earlier. Oh well, it will be so worth it when it’s finally out!

Drinking champagne in celebration. Mmm, champagne is so good. Yum yum~ Nice to be able to celebrate uninterrupted. Ah, I remember the day I celebrated the fourth anniversary of my starting Little Busters (29th September) and I was going to watch a stream of the final episode of the Danganronpa 3 anime. I had already started on the champagne, the episode was literally just beginning… and my sister turned up to announce the 12 year old family dog (who had been taken in to the vet earlier) was dead, being put down.

… That sucked.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on sad things. Today is a day of celebration! Yahoo! So, what have I been doing? Uh… drinking champagne, hugging my Kyousuke dakimakura and listening to Little Busters music. Yeah, real exciting. XD I love being able to drink champagne for frivolous stuff like this, heh. Being an adult is great. :3 Nobody outside of the Japanese fandom is really talking about the tenth anniversary. The fandom on Tumblr died a long time ago…

The Kud Wafter anime is going to have the other members of the Little Busters besides Riki and Kud in it, so that’s awesome. Though it’s still in crowdfunding right now, and we won’t be seeing it until Fall 2019 at the earliest, so meh. Wonder if it will even reach the goal for a theatrical release. Hasn’t reached 30 minute OVA goal yet but I’m sure it will. A 20 minute OVA would be disappointing, like what even would be the point? I just want more Kyousuke.

Kyousuke in summer uniform. Mmm. :p~ Kyousukeeeee…


Happy birthday, Kyousuke!

Ah, yes, it’s midnight in Japan, so April 4th has begun and naturally that means it’s time to start celebrating my husbando’s birthday. By celebrating, I mean drinking champagne and blasting Boys Don’t Cry from my computer speakers. Youtube repeat sites are the best.

And then I remember I actually have Little Busters music right on my hard drive. Well, whatever.


Happy birthday ❤

(yeah, yeah, this isn’t the first picture I’ve taken of my dakimakura with a glass of fizz. Meh.)

There’s plenty of reason to celebrate, Kyousuke’s birthday aside. Little Busters is finally progressing and is even on Steam Greenlight! \O/ And it’s even had a lot of work done on it. It’s not just a lazy dump of Perfect Edition in an advanced version of Reallive, nope. A new engine. Touch support. Improved backlog. Higher resolution graphics. It’s essentially the console version for PC with touch support.

I’m so excited.

Screencapping LB is going to be even easier now. No more alt + print screen and pasting in Photoshop… I did try Greenshot out but, meh. And that touch support… sweet. I can probably use my Wacom tablet for that. I do have a Windows tablet, though I’d have to install Steam on that. Visual novel reading on a tablet’s not so great ergonomically though… my neck and arms can attest to that.

Ahh, I’m so happy. An improved version of Little Busters… can’t wait for it to be released~

It is a bit ridiculous to be doing the Steam Greenlight thing, isn’t it? I mean they already got Tomoyo After and Harmonia through, shouldn’t be any need to do it again. Oh well, hopefully it won’t take long.



So, it’s Christmas Eve. Tomorrow is Christmas Day.

2016 is nearly over and what do you know, there’s still no release date for Little Busters on Steam. Not a single peep from Visual Art’s. Nothing but complete and utter radio silence. The Winter Sale on Steam is in full swing and there’s no way it’s coming out this weekend. Releasing it next week would be madness. Then again, they didn’t exactly demonstrate remarkable business sense with Tomoyo After’s release… out of nowhere during Anime Expo and the summer sale? Yeah…

I think we can safely assume Little Busters isn’t coming out this year after all.

I don’t know what I was thinking expecting it to come out this year. Clearly, I was foolish for harbouring such a ludicrous thought. All those weeks of waking up in the morning, checking Twitter first thing, anticipating news… I was really hoping for news. I guess I’ll just have to give up hoping for a release this year because it seems unlikely.

2016 has been the worst year ever. To hell with 2016.

Hopefully 2017 will be better.

2017 happens to be the tenth anniversary of Little Busters’s release. Little Busters was released July 27, 2007 in Japan. I’m hoping Visual Art’s will do something to commemorate the tenth anniversary. Maybe they will release an artbook like with Clannad. Perhaps it was always intended to release Little Busters on Steam in 2017 to coincide with the tenth anniversary. Still, if that’s the case, they could at least say something like “ETA 2017”, you know? It’s cruel to string us along, keeping us waiting and wondering.

Angel Beats 1st Beat and Rewrite+ still don’t have release dates either. VA really likes to keep quiet about release dates, don’t they?

It’s all just so frustrating. I know, I know, whining isn’t going to help matters and I should just be patient, but I’ve been waiting for the release of my favourite visual novel for so long. I know, it will be all worth it in the end when it finally comes out. I just really need to vent my frustrations at times.


Meh, I’m bored. Maybe I should actually try being productive. Haha, yeah right. I’ve been reading Clannad… just got Nagisa’s route left to do before After Story is unlocked. Kinda annoyed at all the homo jokes… every time it’s brought up, it’s treated as creepy or weird or a joke, ugh. Little Busters was much better with how it treated the subject. Not perfect though… perfect would be having an actual Kyousuke route with Riki and Kyousuke becoming a couple. Still, there was plenty of subtext in Little Busters.

It would be nice to have an actual place for Little Busters fans to chat, but… eh. I don’t really care much for hanging out with the Key fandom in general (and even they hardly ever talk about Little Busters, it’s always Rewrite this and Rewrite that…). Tumblr’s not so bad (as long as you’re careful about where you tread…) and the Little Busters fandom there is decent, but Tumblr doesn’t work so well as a forum. It really is a blogging platform after all.

Meh. It’s only half past ten… I should get off my lazy ass and do something. Maybe do some vacuuming. When did I last vacuum my house? … Good question. >_> I keep thinking about that half drunk bottle of sparkling wine in my fridge too, which I started last night. No, bad self, no drinking until twelve at the earliest. Don’t act like an alcoholic…

There are no new Little Busters goods in the Visual Arts sale at Comiket… well, it’s all lewd crap so who cares… there’s a new Kud dakimakura being sold by a different company though. Ugh. Why does Kud have to be so heavily sexualized… she’s the youngest of the group and looks it too. Fricking pedophiles… Kud fans are the scourge of the Little Busters fandom.

… why did Kud have to be the one to get the spin off… right, because she’s popular. I like Kud but I find her popularity annoying. I have issues…

Okay, enough rambling, I’m gonna try and actually get something done.

Feeling like a fandom outcast

Feeling emo and feeling like a fandom outcast again, yippee~

I don’t know why, I haven’t done anything that would make me an actual outcast. The pairings I like are pretty normal. I write nice, normal fanfiction. … I’m actually wondering if it’s really okay to post bad porn on AO3, ahahaha ^^; Yeah, I know, I’m allowed to post whatever the hell I want but I just kinda imagine people in the Little Busters fandom recoiling at the sight of porn on the AO3 tag. Especially bad porn.

Well, it would be understandable to be cringing at bad porn.

I absolutely won’t post non-con on there. If I ever feel like doing it, I’ll just imagine a crying Komari. … I absolutely do not mix up the words ‘no-con’ and ‘non-con’ sometimes, nope. x_x

Komari’s H-scene though… *shudder* Why, oh why, did it have to take place when Komari had her breakdown. WTF. What the hell were they thinking?

Haruka’s isn’t much better. It takes place while she’s depressed over family stuff, but at least she’s sane during it. I think.

Rin having an H scene is also terrible. I mean, she’s so innocent and clueless about love. For Rin to actually have sex just feels so, so wrong on so many levels.

What was I talking about again?

Eh, I don’t know. It’s just difficult to put into words. I just got most of it off of my chest on my “secret” Twitter. The one I made to say stuff I feel like I can’t say on my main Twitter…

Probably better not to elaborate too much here anyway. So… yeah. It’s just feeling like I don’t quite fit in in certain places, like Twitter, that’s all. Meh, I just have issues, that’s all.

Anime Expo next month, huh? Maybe Sekai Project will announce a localization of Little Busters. I am so ready to throw money at a Little Busters kickstarter. COME AT ME.

Birthday celebration

Ehehehe… it’s Kyousuke’s birthday in Japan! Yay! \O/

Happy birthday, Kyousuke~ ❤

I decided to celebrate it. The main reason I wanted my body pillow to arrive before Kyousuke’s birthday was because of this:

Yes, I wanted to convince people I’m insane by taking a picture of my Kyousuke dakimakura with a glass of fizz. ^^; I actually bought a bottle of fizz to celebrate Kyousuke’s birthday. Yahaha~

It’s not champagne though, it’s prosecco, but it’s still good, and I get to have it all to myself. I don’t have to share it with relatives. Yaaaay! \O/ Will I end up drinking the whole bottle? Maaaybe… who cares, it’s Kyousuke’s birthday. YOLO, and all that.

I wanted to celebrate my husbando’s birthday. :3

I sure love my fizz… but I never get to have it all to myself or anything, very sad. T_T Now that I live on my own, I can drink the fizzy stuff and not have to worry. Hurray~

Happy birthday, Kyousuke. ❤

Sure am enjoying all the Kyousuke fanart and stuff on Twitter. Aw, yeah. ❤

There’s a chibi Kyousuke Petanko strap on Yahoo Auctions… but it’s 2,000 yen. Seriously? 2,000 yen for a tiny little strap? Are you crazy? I’ll pass, thanks. A Kyousuke tapestry also showed up (wow, all this Kyousuke stuff showing up all of a sudden…) but I dunno about that one. It’s also 2,000 yen. 2,000 yen for a tapestry is much more reasonable than 2,000 yen for a strap. >_>



I really would like to be able to scan in art from my Little Busters artbooks. Not the first Perfect Visual Book, since there are scans of it already, but the EX and anime versions.

I’ve been wondering about getting a new flatbed scanner (my current flatbed has got a fault, so anything I scan in would end up with a white line on it. How annoying…) or maybe even a wand scanner. Wand scanners seem somewhat more convenient for scanning in books.

Besides, if I was to scan in a hardcover artbook on a flatbed, it might end up looking like this:

Yup, that’s my Little Busters Ecstasy Perfect Visual artbook. I scanned that picture of the childhood friends in a while ago since I couldn’t find a good high-res colour version of it anywhere and used my flatbed. Since the picture’s close to the margin, that obviously required brutal treatment of the artbook.

I’m sorry, artbook. ;.;

… I don’t want my anime artbook to look like that. It’s shiny and new and, yeah, I really don’t want to damage it. It cost over 40 dollars too, plus middleman fees and shipping costs. The Little Busters EX artbook is old and wasn’t that expensive… I still feel a little bad though. ^^;

So, no flatbed scanner then. Scanning books on flatbeds is such a pain anyway. I don’t want to debind my artbooks either so that’s out.

I hear wand scanners can be tricky to use and require a lot of dexterity, but with practice, I might be able to use it properly. Not planning to get it just yet though, maybe next month…

Everything, my butt


Uso da!

… Sorry. I’m just still really bitter about the lack of the fake ending.

I’ve been screen capping episodes of the anime. Going through the first season is just… ugh. So much quality. ;~; Speaking of quality…


Fear the incredible gravity defying powers of Rin’s ponytail. I can accept ahoges, but this is just ridiculous, sheesh.

Fortunately, I’m nearly done with the first season. Just got the last episode and the OVA left, then it’s onwards to Refrain~


I’m so bad at keeping up with my sideblogs. o_o; Half of them die or are rarely ever updated. I have too many.

I was considering making an askblog, but, meh. Too much work and I’d probably just get tired of it. A Kyousuke question and answer blog similar to his blog in the VN would be pretty awesome but I feel like matching Jun Maeda’s sheer genius is… well, I guess it could be doable, but Maeda is really something. To be able to write a character so random and crazy and… yeah.

Everyone is fun to write. I love writing them. I love writing lots of little scenes with everyone. It’s fun~ I can write all sorts of random and crazy nonsense without having to resort to making anyone OOC. It’s awesome. I love the characters. They are all awesome.

Anyway, where were we?

A Kyousuke askblog probably wouldn’t be so bad… hmm. I do kinda want to do something with the kyousukeoniisan URL now that my old Tumblr posts have been transferred to my main.

I’ve been trying to run a Kyousuke fanblog, but. It died. Whoops. I’m very bad at keeping blogs running. I only ever update litbus once in a blue moon… I was thinking of making music posts. Probably just stick to the original soundtrack.

There’s imagine-kyouriki, which… died. Whoops. My imagination’s not helping.

Then there’s a gif blog which I update sometimes when I’m in the mood for making gifs, and tropicallemonaise, which exists to cheer up the tag. Something like that. There was all that drama over Saya, I think, and I just wanted to post some happy and random stuff. It’s basically just a blog of sheer randomness with no real reason to exist other than for fun. Yay~

Ah, I want to go through the Little Busters episodes and take screenshots. I need to take some for the gallery I plan to have on rin-chan.moe (Better not go overboard) and also I want to take a bunch of screenshots of Kyousuke.

I need to come up with a better layout for kyousukenatsu.me sometime. There’s still nothing there yet. D=