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So… Rindou has that new artwork of Mio, Rin and Kud, and it’s so beautiful. I love it. I found a scan of it on a Chinese forum, a nice, big one too~ Uploaded it on Tumblr. Annoyingly enough though, Tumblr seems to have shrunk it. Oh well…

I love Rin’s clothes *_* And that ribbon~ She’s even wearing her bell accessory on her wrist too. So cute~ I liked her casual clothes in the VN, but this outfit is even better.

Seriously, Kud, don’t you have any other casual clothes? o_0 Rin and Mio do, so… oh well.

EDIT: Oh, okay, so her clothes are slightly different to her casual outfit in the VN, but still… maybe she just really likes pink tops or something.

Anyway~ This gorgeous new artwork has inspired me to make a new layout for Let’s be honest, the current one is a bit… dated. It also doesn’t work too well on lower resolutions. I’m going to make a new one.

I’m going to screencap the current layout though, preserve the memories.

I did archive the front page on the Wayback Machine, but it’s borked for some reason.




Not sure if I’ll keep the gifs on the new layout, so I’ll put them here. She’s so cute~ ❤

Okay, let’s go make that new layout now.


Adventures in wand scanning

So, my wand scanner arrived yesterday and I’ve tried it out already. I managed to do a decent scan of a page from the Na-Ga Rindou -rough note- book.

The top and bottom parts of the page did get cut off though, so need to watch out for that. I’ve tried scanning horizontally rather than vertically too, however that results in some of the margin being cut out. If you want to scan in a whole page, it seems you need to start just outside the intended area. That can be a problem.

Moire is a potential issue with scans too (and now I know the name of that annoying distortion my scans sometimes get! I thought they were called scan lines, but apparently not.) Flatbed scanners usually have a descreen option nowadays to prevent this kind of thing, it seems, but not wand scanners. It seems to be worse with higher resolution images (I think that picture above was scanned at 600 or 900 dpi)

This scan is somewhat okay, but it’s still not perfect, unfortunately.

Nyatsume Kyoudai box scans. Left is 300dpi, right is 600dpi. You need a very steady hand for scanning, otherwise you’ll get a distorted image. Distortion aside, quality is pretty good on 300dpi, can’t see any glaring signs of moire. 600dpi not too bad either. The box is glossy cardboard so that might just scan better than paper.

Horizontal and vertical scans from the book (300 dpi)… it’s really hard to scan smaller books without distortion. Works better for large books. And there’s the moire again. Yay.

In conclusion, I’d say it’s okay for making low quality scans but if you want the best quality scan you can possibly get… use a flatbed. It’s still a handy little tool to have if you want to scan something in quickly and aren’t terribly fussed about the quality.

EDIT: Okay, I may have been a bit hasty in my lambasting of the wand scanner.

I did another scan at 900dpi and compared it to a scan I had previously made with my flatbed scanner (I think that was 600dpi?).

As you can see, the difference isn’t really all that great. Heck, if I zoom in on my flatbed scans, I can see moire patterning anyway. Even those Little Busters Perfect Visual Book scans have moire patterning, though you have to zoom in to see it. Course, I have no idea what device the original scanner used… I’d assume flatbed though.
There is some difference with the lightning (I think I made the flatbed scan with my scanner’s Photo setting at the time. Don’t use it anymore.) and what seems to be slight distortion in the center of the wand picture. Something about it looks off compared to the flatbed scanner. Actually, my wand scanning was off a bit, whoops. Had to rotate it in Photoshop a little. Might just be the lighting playing tricks on me though…

So… yeah. Flatbeds aren’t perfect either. Maybe my flatbed doesn’t have descreening. IDK, I’ve never looked for it before… I really don’t know much about this kind of thing.

EDIT 2: Okay, I found the descreen option and did another scan with my flatbed.

Yeah, uh… there doesn’t seem to be much difference. e_e Ehh… maybe moire’s just something that’s almost impossible to get rid of completely.

I made another flatbed scan and followed the steps here:

Hmm, that actually seems to have worked pretty well. 😀 Okay, I’ll try doing that from now on.

Did the same with the wand scanner.

While the moire seems to been successfully dealt with… it’s still somewhat distorted and the lighting’s different.
In the end, the flatbed’s the clear winner.

Kud’s room


Wow, they actually paid attention to the detail of Kud’s room in the VN when drawing it in the anime. Yes, I’m honestly impressed by this. >.>

Mio’s room was never visited in the anime, was it… no, pretty sure it wasn’t. Pity, considering that it would have been fun to see Riki get buried under an avalanche of books. Oh well. We get to see Rin’s room though in the sleepover episode.

It doesn’t match that unused background in the VN though, but, well, seeing as it’s unused outside of Rin’s H-scene in EX, I don’t think that matters.

Photo comparisons

I tried taking some pictures of my artbook and making a scan for the sake of comparison. Resting a remote control on the pages that were trying to turn over on me worked fairly well. A paperweight would be the ideal solution to pages staying in place, but only if those pages aren’t the ones I want to take pictures of. (Maybe bulldog clips would work there?)

Anyway, I made a comparison.

Of course the scanner would be the best one. Digital camera (Samcam = Samsung camera) is the worst one. I turned flash off because flash causes annoying light reflection.) Also, my hands shake like hell taking pictures with it. Useless.

iPhone really isn’t much better.

I tried taking more pictures with the iPhone.

They seem a bit better, but I think the lighting needs improvement. The light is coming from my ceiling light so it comes out very yellow… natural light would be better. I don’t get much natural light in here though so my room can be pretty dark.

Is there a solution for flash and the issue of reflection? Guess I’ll look but I doubt it.

On calendars and merch

Rin has a kitty calendar. So cute~

I wouldn’t mind having a Little Busters calendar, but it’s not like any more would be made with the anime being over. Such a pity…

We’re probably not going to get any more anime style merchandise for Little Busters, are we? The latest stuff is mostly Card Mission, so yeah.

The age of shiny new Little Busters things is over.


I want this art from the cover of the Little Busters R Volume 11 album as a poster or a tapestry. A big one.

… Not going to happen, is it?

The big tapestries are crazy expensive anyway. Even if I saw that Kyouriki tapestry for sale somewhere, I don’t think I could justify buying it unless I guess it was really cheap. As much as I love Kyouriki and it’s awesome to have Kyouriki artwork, I can’t justify spending like 60 dollars on it.

I’ll save my money for figures. Gonna collect all the Rin figures, yay~

Hidden scene

Okay, I thought I’d take screenshots of the hidden scene just because. It’s kind of weird they had a scene in the VN that would be very difficult to see if not downright impossible. If there’s anyone out there who’s managed to defeat the UL as early as a second playthrough, I’d be seriously awed.

Alright then, screenshot time!

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Official art

Posting some pictures of the Little Busters animation perfect visual book, because, lovely official art.

I love this picture of the Natsume siblings. It’s so cute.


And this nifty official art featuring the original 5, as was seen on the Ufotable site when they were doing that Little Busters cafe thing. Such happy, precious babies~

Kyousuke patting Rin’s head. So adorable.


Rin-chan is so adorable.

There’s plenty more art in there I like, but they take up a lot of space, so yeah. Just posting a select few for now. Anyway, my iPod Touch’s picture quality isn’t that great and I can’t be bothered to get out my digital camera… which I never use anyway.

Graphics changes

So I noticed something interesting when ripping the character images.

They actually updated Kanata’s portraits (as early as Ecstasy/ME, I’d assume.) Even the CGs for the Haruka route (with Kanata in them) were redone with the recolored eyes.

I’m glad they made this change. Kanata’s portraits in LB! bugged the hell out of me, especially the eyes. They looked kinda weird. You could probably get away with a lack of eye shading with darker colors, but with yellow? Ew, no. It looks really bizarre.

So, yeah, this is a very good change.

Just got Saya’s and Sasami’s portraits left to rip now…