Girls’ rooms

So, I’ve been wondering, out of the VN backgrounds for the girls’ bedrooms at the dorm, whose room is each background for? There are so many of them. So I’ve started doing some research.

Blogger isn’t very good at positioning pictures nicely… anyway, these are all for Kud’s room – first one is before getting a roommate. and the others are with Haruka, Mio and Kanata as roommates. As you can see, there is absolutely no difference whatsoever.

Now let’s see Mio’s room.

Mio’s room. Now considering Kud didn’t have any changes in her room even with different roommates, you’d probably think Mio wouldn’t either.

Except she totally does. Okay then. It’s a bit difficult to see with Kud in the way, but you can see the stuff from Kud’s room on the shelf to the left.

Why they didn’t use that background for Kud’s room with Mio as a roommate, I really don’t know.

Now I just have the mystery of these unaccounted for bedroom backgrounds. … Oh, come to think of it, there’s only one. I guess I overestimated how many there were.

Whose room is this? Some of the items there make me think Rin, though Riki never does go to her room. The only girls whose rooms he visits are Kurugaya, (she lives in the old dorm, so she doesn’t have a room like this. Her room looks like the boys’ rooms.) Mio, and Kud.

Come to think of it, I think Kanata’s bedroom might be seen in her route. I’ll check that.

Well, it seems Kanata’s room is basically just Kud’s. Even after I went to the trouble of making Haruka Kud’s roommate instead.

I was actually wondering if Rin’s H-scenes take place in her room, but, uuuuh… I’m not THAT desperate to find out, okay. Anyway I’d have to go to the trouble of reinstalling EX because it’s patched and I really don’t want to go to all that trouble. Besides, Rin having sex is just, ew. I don’t want to be exposed to that, thank you very much.

Looks like BG304 (the unaccounted for room) is present in the original VN’s files anyway. Let’s just assume it’s Rin’s room (Seriously, it has cat things in there. Who else’s would it be?) and the VN was going to have scenes in there, but then didn’t and the background went unused.

EDIT: Okay, so I did end up looking at the Little Busters EX H-scenes >_> What can I say, I get bored sometimes… that unaccounted for background is Rin’s. I guess they had that just in case Riki visited Rin’s room, but he ended up not doing so, until EX at any rate…



Merry Christmas!

I installed Little Busters EX today. Had a bit of a snafu when I tried installing this wordwrap patch I know TLWiki has one for original version only but this one said it was for EX? … It ended up taking the save files from my original Little Busters savefolder, making the game think it was complete (as well as being the original Little Busters) and I deleted the save files, not realising they had been taken from Little Busters original. Good thing I had a backup of the save files. I also restored the original files for EX using TLWiki’s patch so all was good in the end. Gosh, even if it was just a few saves, losing saves for Little Busters would be a bummer…

TLWiki was calling it something like EXperimental EXtra in the first place, which is stupidly confusing so I can understand the mixup. It’s been changed on the wiki itself now anyway.

So~! I guess I might get a move on with cheating Rin’s stats. Already cleared Komari’s route, so the second playthrough is good and ready to go. Might as well play some baseball too because why not (that and raising her stats makes using CheatEngine easier). Let’s get Rin’s stats to insane, unbelievable levels, yay~

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Little Busters! Scene Test

Okay, I’m going to do a test and see if I can find this hidden scene. According to the seen.txt for Rin’s battles against the Unknown Lifeform, there’s this scene where she’ll fail to defeat the UL’s final form in time and the Darkness Executives take care of it. Like, they actually show up to stop her and Riki and the others hear them speaking. There’s a funny line in there too where Rin wants to poke them with a stick.

Yeah, poke the Darkness Executives with a stick, Rin. Man, Saya ought to have considered getting her in on the whole thing too.

(btw, it sure is interesting how the Darkness Executives were already a thing before EX. A minor thing, but yeah. I guess Maeda already had the idea in mind when writing the common route.)

Rin fights the UL four times, on 5/18, 5/19, and 5/20. The conversation takes place on the last day in SEEN0520.

Here’s the relevant text: (it’s located after the part where Rin speaks with Koshiki, though IIRC she only speaks with Koshiki if she lost to the UL before? Or maybe she’s forced to speak with Koshiki on the second playthrough anyway, because plot.)

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Little Busters real life locations

I’ve been pretty interested in finding pictures of the places Little Busters’s locations are based off. So far, I’ve only found a small handful of pictures but it’s really interesting to look at. I’ve gleaned some stuff from Japanese blogs.


The location here is Minato-ku, Azabu-Juban. The blog brought up a small difference in the signs. While the real life sign says “Patio Juban”, the VN version says “Okamoto Juban”.

Another picture I found elsewhere of the high school used for Little Busters’s school. The real life school is Kasukabe High School, which is located in Saitama. Sadly, this is all I was able to find of it though I looked quite thoroughly.

Some other pictures from Google Images:

It would be so cool to go to the real life school, wouldn’t it?

Son of a… so the site these pictures are from was showing a 503 error for ages and ages and I thought it was down forever, but I was thinking it was strange the images were still on Google if the site had been dead for so long. Then I signed into a Japanese proxy and… the site works. WTF man. Gaijin blocking is not. cool. >/

So the site does work, if you are in Japan. Or “in Japan”. Okay then. I’ll put the bigger images under a jump break.