Holy Grail

At last it came to me. My own, my love, my preciousss… ahem. I speak of none other than the almighty Holy Grail.

The Natsume siblings Animate tapestry!

At long last, I have finally obtained this precious treasure. ;o; It took a few months of constant bookmark checking (I’ve only been doing it for that short a time  because it took me a while to realize if I’m going to find it, I have to be serious about it.)

Six months ago, I originally ordered the tapestry off Suruga-ya when I happened to stumble upon it during a Google Image search in the frail hope of finding it somewhere. (Yes, my method of grail hunting back then was to do occasional image searches… I was still a bit clueless about buying stuff from Japan.)

Unfortunately, it ended up being out of stock so no tapestry for me. D:

I had to get serious about grail hunting. I added bookmarks in Chrome for Yahoo Auctions, Suruga-ya, Mandarake, Rakuten, Mbok… @_@ And I checked them every day. Several times an hour even. I was very, very serious about it. O/

And then, finally, finally, the tapestry appeared again on Suruga-ya and I caught it right away. I forwarded it straight to Big in Japan and had it sent to me.

And now, here it is. At last I own my precious treasure. I’m so glad. ;~;

I love this illustration so much. It’s so cute. This is my most favourite piece of Little Busters merchandise ever, next to the Kyousuke dakimakura, and I finally own it! Yaaaaay! \O/


Rindou arrival

At last it came, the much anticipated Na-Ga Art Works ~rindou~ artbook, precisely one month after I won it on Yahoo Auctions. Gosh, that took forever. x_x

9,250 yen for the auction, 5,000 yen to ship SAL Parcel… and it was so worth it.

Came in a nice big box… as it turned out, the book was pretty big too.

Of course, it also needed room for all that paper. The product itself was bubble wrapped itself too. I even got a thank you letter from the proxy (Zenmarket). Very good service from Zenmarket. They packaged it well.

Box and slipcase.

The booklet was bigger than I thought it would be. I mean, they called it a booklet. The book too actually. I thought it would be the same as my Little Busters artbooks, but it’s actually wider. The site claims it’s A4 though… I guess it’s just landscape rather than portrait.

I really love this. The art is top notch quality, the colouring vibrant, and the paper feels really nice. They did an excellent job with this artbook. There’s so much lovely art in here including my favourite Na-Ga illustration (it’s the one on the left of course) Yup, this was indeed a good purchase. So worth the cost.

At last…

The time has come.

My body pillow arrived today. 😀 It’s a little on the short side, though the width is fine, but still feels nice to hug so I have no problems with it. Kind of embarrassing to get it in a bag covered with labels saying “precious bump”, though. ._. Iya, iya, iya, it is not being used as a maternity pillow.

Ta-da! Finally, the Kyousuke dakimakura is complete. \O/ At last I can cuddle and squish Kyousuke to my heart’s content. Aww, yeah. It’s bliss~

Hugging a dakimakura just feels so nice. Seriously, I just feel so warm and contented doing it. It really is something amazing. So glad to finally have a huggable Kyousuke.

Also, I don’t see what the problem with Cospa twill is. Maybe it doesn’t feel all that nice to stroke, but it’s alright for hugging. People speak of it like it’s the worst fabric ever. Yeah, I’m sure smooth knit feels a lot better, but this is good enough for me.

Newest tapestry

Showing off my newest tapestry. Now I have two tapestries with the childhood friends. Nice.

Hmm, I think I’d like to get one of those Kyousuke tapestries (the ones that use Na-Ga’s artwork) Problem is, used goods can be rarer than a bloody steak. >/ I was just lucky the two anime tapestries showed up on Suruga-ya around the same time. The chances of that happening must have been pretty low…

Once the pre-order period is over, you have a pretty low chance of getting your hands on those awesome goods. *sob* And tapestries can be expensive too. x_x 6,000 yen for a tapestry… ouch. Fortunately, the tapestries I got were quite cheap.

Anime merchandise prices can be ridiculous. There was actually a towel with the same artwork above… for 8,000 yen. Granted, it was a big towel… but 8,000 yen for a towel?! Come on, that’s just crazy. Who the hell spends 8,000 yen on a freaking towel? What do you even do with it? Use it to dry off your naked wet body? Hang it on the wall? I don’t think I’d want to use an expensive anime towel to dry myself off, it would get pretty ratty over time. =/ And hanging a towel is kind of strange. I just can’t see the logic in forking out so much money for a towel of all things.

A tapestry is so much nicer than a towel… 6k for a tapestry isn’t too bad, I guess, not if it’s a large one. God knows merchandise in Japan can be crazy expensive.

Getting a large tapestry isn’t very sensible, really. If it’s too wide, you won’t be able to have it shipped SAL small packet.

I shouldn’t even be talking after spending 9k yen on an artbook. It weighed over 2kg to ship, 5,000 yen to ship SAL Parcel. Ahahahahaha… Turns out if there’s something I *really* want, I’ll go crazy and throw oodles of money at it anyway.

I’ve always been a bit irresponsible about spending, actually. ._. But… I really, really want Rindou. I think it’s alright if it’s something I want that badly.

Ordered a pillow

Well, I finally put in an order for a body pillow off eBay. It’s about damn time, really. Not sure why I’ve been putting it off. It’s a 150x50cm pillow from an UK store. Not specific to dakimakuras or anything, more like a maternity pillow… but, honestly, as long as it’s the right size for a dakimakura cover, why does it matter?

I don’t see why I should buy some ridiculously expensive pillow all the way from Japan, complete with ridiculously high shipping costs, and have to risk customs charges on top of it. Meh. I’d rather get a cheap pillow. A pillow is a pillow. How bad can a cheap pillow possibly be? All that matters is that it fits as far as I’m concerned.

Rindou was finally shipped out today, yay~ Man, that took forever. The shipping wasn’t even paid for until like 3 days after I won the auction, and I was like “…Huh? It hadn’t already been paid for?” Then it took like four days to reach the warehouse. So much waiting… and despite the temptation to use EMS, I went with SAL Parcel in the end. SAL is quite fast here so I don’t think I’ll be waiting too long.

I wonder why Yahoo Auctions has the seller charge shipping after the auction is over. eBay makes you include the shipping cost… though it’s kind of annoying. If you undercharge for shipping, you can’t go ask the customer to give you more money for shipping. I hate it when that happens. :/ (Me undercharging for shipping, that is.) There are scammers on Yahoo Auctions who will list items very cheap and then charge exorbitant rates for shipping, apparently. Scary. ;_; Of course, I always look at feedback…

I think eBay’s way is better, but I still think you should be allowed to ask the buyer to add extra for shipping in case you undercharged…

So, anyway, I hope I’ll get the dakimakura pillow by Kyousuke’s birthday. Honestly, why was I putting it off for so long? It does make me a bit nervous I don’t have a good hiding place though. x_x Even though I’m living in my own house now…

Collection so far

Haven’t posted in a while, huh? So, I finally moved into my new house… at the beginning of April. Geez, that took freaking forever. >< So nice to finally be living on my own.

My Little Busters collection is coming along nicely. I thought I’d show off what I’ve got so far. I really suck at taking photos with my iPod touch so some of them might be a bit blurry, whoops. x_x Maybe I should get a fancy anti-shaking camera… do anti-shaking cameras even exist? Probably not, huh. Damn these shaky hands of mine!

Okay then, what have we got?

My bookcase, which I have downstairs. Only two shelves are taken up by Little Busters stuff so far. There’s Little Busters Perfect Edition and the entire Little Busters Refrain series on Blu-ray. I’ve toyed with the idea of getting the first season limited edition BD/DVDs too, but I don’t know if I should bother. Eh, it’s just a ‘maybe, someday’, I guess. If I ever feel like it.

On the bottom shelf is a collection of books.

This is the Nyatsume Kyoudai book. It’s pretty rare, since it was sold only at some event. We know how much Key loves making cool stuff exclusive, right? Got it off Suruga-ya. It’s a book containing most of the Nyatsume Kyoudai comic strips from the Visual Arts product site… sadly, there are some on the site not in here. It’s still worth having though, it’s got a bunch of extra illustrations and is really cute. Also, it has straps with mini figures of Kyousuke and Rin. I took them out of the box though.

Here they are! Aren’t they cute? This is the closest thing we’ll ever have to a Kyousuke figure… that’s not a garage kit anyway. Sigh. I want a Kyousuke figure. ;_; Why do you hate male figures, Japan, why. ;_; … Sure, there are male figures, but none for Little Busters.

Anyway, they’re really nice. Rin’s a pain in the butt to stand up though, she keeps falling over.

Back to the books. I’ve also got two rough notes here – the Little Busters Rough Note and the Na-Ga Rough Note that came with the C87 Key Set. No, I didn’t buy the Key Set. I was able to get a copy of Rough Note off Yahoo Auctions. Wasn’t really interested in the other stuff. The only Little Busters stuff was the Rough Note. It also has some Angel Beats artwork. Best thing about it is the Natsume siblings tapestry illustration *_* There were also two alternative sketches of it as well. Nice. … Oh yeah, I’ll upload here too. Why not.

Natsume siblings. ❤ So cute~

Oh yeah, you can see my only Little Busters doujinshi in the bookcase. That’s one of ZEN’s doujinshi. Not sure if I’ll be getting any others, though I totally entertained the idea of getting some Kyouriki doujinshi.

The other books are the Little Busters Perfect Visual Books – original, EX and anime.

Upstairs, I’ve got tapestries on my bedroom walls.

The Little Busters Card Mission Kyousuke tapestry and that tapestry of the childhood friends I’ve been interested in for a while. Nice to actually get it at last. I managed to get it from Suruga-ya. The LBCM Kyousuke tapestry was pre-ordered from the Toypla site. Wise move indeed, since I have seen no sign of it anywhere else since (apart from Amazon and eBay)

The sad thing is, I only recently learned Japan runs on a pre-order system for this kind of thing. Apparently the manufacturer only makes a certain amount of items depending on the number of orders. They don’t just make bundles of them and stock them in online stores forever and ever. What a shitty system. ;_; I wish I’d known how this worked sooner, maybe I wouldn’t have been so laid back about buying stuff.

I’ve got a couple of other tapestries coming my way. I’ll show them off another time.

And here’s my figure collection so far. I’m keeping them in a cupboard in my bedroom. Yes, a cupboard. With the doors shut. … I have no shelves and no room for a display case, and frankly, I don’t think I want a display case. Not with glass anyway. Glass is scary, it breaks. What’s wrong with perspex or acrylic or whatever? Why does it have to be glass?

So far, I’ve got the Komari and Rin nendoroids, Beach Queens Rin and Nekobiyori Rin. Nendoroid Rin came from Amazon JP marketplace, Komari from a UK seller on eBay, Beach Queens Rin from Mandarake and Nekobiyori Rin from Rakuten Terraformer. I was really lucky with Nekobiyori Rin… she was shipped SAL, marked at full value (about 5980 yen) and still slipped past Customs. Whew!

I think I’ll make a blog post for my figures when the rest of my orders arrive. Got some of them coming by surface mail because I’m insane. That, and I just wanted to avoid them all coming in at once since I had so many orders. The remaining figures are Kotobukiya Rin (with cat ears and angry face), Gemaga Rin and Cospa Rin. I’m building up a Rin collection, yay~

I’ll only be getting Rin scale figures because, damn, they sure are expensive to ship. I didn’t realize they could be so heavy.

There’s also one other thing I’ve ordered… and I guess I’ve ended up becoming a buyfag after all. Oh dear. I’m sure this will be the most expensive thing I’ll ever buy!

… Ha. Hahahahahahaha. Yeah, right. Just wait until Altair announces a Kyousuke figure at 10k yen or something. No, stop it, self, don’t jinx it. ;_; … But I want a Kyousuke figure. Gimme a Kyousuke nendoroid at least. Sniffle.

So what’s the item I bought?

The Na-Ga Art Works ~Rindou~ luxury binding version, from Yahoo Auctions, at 9,250 yen. Yeah. Ahahahaha… even though I tried to resist, I got sucked in after all. It has the Natsume siblings tapestry illustration in there… and this beautiful new artwork of Rin, Mio and Kud… I couldn’t resist after all. Pfft, money is so overrated anyway. Who needs it.

It’s fine, honestly. I’m financially healthy so there’s nothing to worry about. I know the shipping’s going to be expensive too but it’s fine. I really want this artbook so much. It’s so going to be worth it.

I’ve even gone and bought a wand scanner. I shall master the art of wand scanning! O/ Let’s hope it goes well and I won’t have to wait for a cheaper retail version of Rindou, debind that and scan it all in.

I would absolutely not do that to the limited edition version, by the way. Nor do I intend to stick it in a flatbed scanner. I will be ever so careful with it. It will not get a single blemish. Hopefully.

Kyousuke dakimakura on Google

Oh, ew. ;_;

My pictures of that horrible bootleg Kyousuke dakimakura cover show up when I do a Google search for Kyousuke dakimakura. No, no, no, please don’t show them. Purge them from the depths of the Internet and send them to the darkest corners of… somewhere.

… Well, okay, it’s fine for them to be on MyFigureCollection.net. I put them there so that people would know what the bootleg version looks like.

*shudder* But I absolutely do not want those awful bootleg images showing up on Google. Please make them go away. Well, okay, I already removed the pictures from Picasa and made the original blog post a draft, so it’s just a matter of waiting, I guess?

I think I might take the page down from Kyousukenatsu.me… actually, I don’t plan to renew the domain when it expires in July. See, I said I would get tired of it in less than a year! I always do this.

Okay, I’m going to put the content from the page here. Minus the bootleg images of course… it was this blog the images were coming from after all. >_> I’m making that Youtube video private as well. Must… erase… all… traces… from… Google!

EDIT: Oh, good, Google has a removal tool. *rubs hands together*


Behold, one of the most fantastic pieces of Little Busters merchandise to ever exist! (Especially if you are a Kyousuke fangirl like yours truly…) What do I speak of? None other than…

The Kyousuke dakimakura!
This glorious dakimakura is a rare example of a dakimakura of a male character actually existing, because dakimakuras are usually a perverted guy thing or something, I don’t know. Kyousuke also has the honour of being the only male Little Busters member to have his own dakimakura. I wouldn’t mind a Riki dakimakura too, especially if one side had his twin-tailed getup from the Saya route, uehehehehe… *cough* Anyway, the existence of this dakimakura is really something. Who would have thought we’d end up getting one with Kyousuke?
Do I own it? Of course! As a demented Kyousuke fangirl, it is naturally my duty to have this treasure in my possession.



Behold, the glorious Kyousuke dakimakura, my most precious treasure.
I was very fortunate to find this on a Japanese shop. It was the last one in stock too. Whew, that was some good luck indeed, considering I didn’t even buy this until November 2014 and it had been out of stock everywhere for months. It’s the twill version. I’m aware twill isn’t as nice as smooth knit but honestly, I really couldn’t be picky about it at this point. Anyway, I’m just glad to actually own the real Kyousuke dakimakura. Hell yeah. ❤
Note: I previously acquired a Kyousuke dakimakura from a Chinese seller, super cheap, on a shopping site called AliExpress (the site is full of bootlegs by the way. I wouldn’t recommend buying anything from there.) I was under the impression that it was a totally legitimate product because I’m dumb. I would probably have got it from Hobby Heart anyway, because I was under the impression their dakimakuras were legitimate. Seriously, it never occurred to me that bootleg dakimakuras were a thing for some reason.
Anyway, the dakimakura you see below is merely an inferior bootleg. I found this out months after buying it and, unable to accept that my beloved treasure was merely a knockoff, sought out the real product because, as a true Kyousuke lover, I can only accept the real deal.
I’m keeping the pictures up here, because it’s good to warn and also let people know what the bootleg version looks like. Beware Chinese sellers. Hobby Heart is not a legitimate site either.
I even got it in 2 way tricot, because it’s Kyousuke after all. This was my first ever dakimakura purchase by the way, and probably will be my only one. I’ve even taken pictures of them and will be showing them off.
We’ll start with the close-up shots, get a good look at his expressions.
And some full-body shots, in which I show complete disregard for a dakimakura’s safety. It didn’t occur to me until afterwards that letting a dakimakura, especially tricot, anywhere near wicker is a bad idea but fortunately nothing happened to it. Both sides have nice poses. My personal favourite is the gym clothes one, though the uniform side isn’t bad either. I just like seeing Kyousuke in his sports outfit, ehehe… gosh, he’s so skinny. Gotta love that lewd uniform pose too, where he’s so casually resting a hand on his opened pants. Hnnng~
Kyousuke on my bed. Hell yeah~!
I even recorded a video. Check it out here. :3
I’ll be sure to take more pictures when I actually get a body pillow. I have to wait until I’m living on my own though because parents. Also, no good place to hide a body pillow. I look forward to the day I’ll be able to cuddle and squish Kyousuke. It will be glorious.

Rin figures

I thought I’d do a rundown of the Rin figures on My Figure Collection and rate them on how much I’d want them, something like that. So, here we go! I’ll just be covering most of the more popular ones.

Nendoroid Rin is definitely something I want to have in my collection. She’s cute, and it would be pretty fun to have a Nendoroid, I think. I’ll be getting Nendoroid Komari too to go with her. Why is Komari 1k yen more than Rin though? 😐 Not interested in Kud nendoroid… that’s more of a ‘maybe, if I ever feel like it’ Honestly, I’m kinda turned off by the Strelka/Belka bullcrap going on there.

If I wanted Strelka, I’d have to get summer Kud. Except I’d prefer winter Kud, to go with Komari and Rin, since they have winter uniforms. Yeah. =/

Anyway, the focus is on Rin, but Komari nendo is also a definite must.

Wishability: 5/5

Nekobiyori Rin. So many kitties! This does look like a very nice figure and I do quite like it, but there’s something about Rin’s face. Though it looks better from other angles. I think it’s just a posing/lighting thing. The downside is, she’s very pricey. Not really a figure I want to throw all my money at, but she would be a good addition.

Wishability: 3/5

Kotobukiya Rin. With cats too. I love the kitty on the end of the bat, that’s so cute. Rin in her summer uniform too. The colouring on the figure is pretty and I quite like the hair sculpting and the face too.

Wishability: 4/5

Another Kotobukiya figure. I suppose it’s a decent looking figure but it’s not really a must buy. I’d rate it as a ‘If I ever feel like it’ purchase. It’s just not really interesting enough for me.

Wishability: 2/5

Beach Queens Rin. Now THIS is a must have. Ever since I laid eyes on this figure, I’ve been absolutely smitten. No, it’s not because she’s wearing a bikini. Frankly, I’m against the idea of Rin being sexualized in any way (and if a girl in a bikini is automatically sexualized just because she’s wearing a bikini, that’s pretty damn gross) Anyway, her expression is very cute, I love the pose and the addition of Lennon and the colouring and shading on the figure is also very nice. I really, really want this.

Wishability: 10/5

Enterbrain Rin. Eh, I don’t really like this. The pose is kinda annoying, with her leg up in the air like that and her head down. She’s kind of difficult to see properly. Don’t really care much for the face either, something’s a bit off about it but the pose is the worst thing about this figure. No thanks.

Wishability: 0/5

Mobip Rin. The poseable limbs and additional pieces are pretty cool, I guess. Still, not really all that interested. Another maybe.

Wishabiliry: 1/5

Cospa Rin. The pose is quite nice and I like that she has a kitty. Nice face, and a good job on the sculting too.

Wishability: 3/5

FuRyu Rin. Actually, I’d like to collect all the figures of the girls on fences. It would make a nice collection. She looks quite nice, so, yeah, would like to own this someday.

Wishability: 4/5

And that’s all. Not really interested in the rest of them. That’s just as well, huh? Not like I can really afford to be a buyfag. Hasn’t stopped me from adding a bunch of stuff to my MFC wishlist anyway.


Oh dear. I’ve just realized there’s a massive flaw with my new house (I’ll be moving in at the end of January. Just one month left now, yay!)

The only toilet is upstairs, in the bathroom, and you have to go through the bedroom to access it. So, keeping my bedroom private is impossible.

I mean, who the hell tells their visitors they can’t use the toilet? Not to mention, if I tried pulling that on my parents, it would look very suspicious. I do think not having a downstairs toilet is kinda absurd though. Oh well.

Operation Keep My Dakimakura Secret failed before it could even begin. Sadness.

Then again, I wasn’t really interested in a dakimakura pillow anymore so it doesn’t matter. I’m actually going to hang the Kyousuke dakimakura cover up on the wall. I’ll also put up the Little Busters Card Mission Kyousuke wallscroll, when I get it. It hasn’t arrived yet at Treasure Japan, so that will take a bit longer (I think I might wait until I’ve moved before having it shipped out too, just to be on the safe side. Only one month to go so it’s no big deal.)

I’m also eyeing this microfiber towel on the Visual Arts store, also to hang up on the wall.

It’s this picture. Yes, you can get Kyousuke and Maid Riki on a microfiber towel. It’s way cheaper than the tapestry too. Tapestry is damn expensive, so the towel would be a good alternative.

I wonder how I’ll store my figures. Those glass cabinets look neat, but they’re pretty expensive. Maybe display them on shelves. I wouldn’t be able to keep figure collecting a secret, huh… sigh, that’s kind of annoying honestly, that even when I’m living on my own I still won’t have complete privacy. Privacy would be nice.