BDs are a pain

Who knew Blu Rays could be so dang complicated? Well, not me anyway.

I decided to purchase the Blu Ray for Little Busters! Refrain, Vol. 1, mainly so that I could get myself a copy of the Mio murder mystery game. Nobody was uploading anything… actually, it seems the pirates are very reluctant to upload Little Busters! Refrain for some reason, but that aside…

So I got myself an optical blu ray player to actually play the blu rays, tried out a bazillion blu ray players and even got a new widescreen monitor with an HDMI connection because apparently Blu Rays don’t play nice with VGA. Eh, I was finding 1280×1024 a bit cramped anyway. 1920×1080 FTW.

With the new monitor, and Arcsoft Media Theater, I was *finally* able to get the Mio game to work. Phew. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to take screenshots of it otherwise I would have grabbed those new CGs by now. Well, one CG, really, just with slight differences. Yes, there is only one new CG to be found, the one with Mio sitting in the chair and pretending to be a corpse.

The Mio game is quite short. Some of the characters only get a little screentime – Kengo, Komari, Rin and Kud only get a small handful of lines among themselves. Masato gets a smidge more screentime. Kanata makes a brief appearance. The more prominent characters are Kyousuke, Riki, Mio, Kurugaya and Haruka.

The game’s fully voiced (well, apart from Riki…) Menu theme is “A World is Born” and the credits use “Clear Weather After the Rain (Instrumental)” There’s also a new background (the library) Some of the backgrounds seem to be touched up from the VN.

There’s not much else to report. I just wonder how it will be possible to get any of this recorded for translation purposes. Even screenshots don’t work.

Anyway, I should focus on the Little Busters! side stories for now. I need to finish translating the first one already.