Scary cookies of doom

I have random dreams. Random dreams are fun.

Last night I dreamed that some random stranger gave cookies to some of the girls (It was Rin, Komari and Kud, I think) and they were going to eat them, but Riki protested, then Haruka came out of nowhere and said something freaky about the dangers of eating cookies from strangers, which freaked the girls out, then Kurugaya came and said something even worse, which made Komari and Kud cry.

Haruka’s was something about the cookies making them fall asleep, I think, and then they’d end up… well, I don’t remember. But I’m sure it was something totally nonsensical. And of course, Kurugaya was Kurugaya. Yeah, I don’t remember what exactly she said either, and I don’t really think I want to. I think Kurugaya also said something about using Masato to test the cookies and Riki was like “NO.” IDK. It was just silly.

I dunno what the random stranger was doing there or why he gave them cookies. But, yes, accepting random gifts of food from strangers is dangerous.

I need to have more random and fun Little Busters dreams. I suck at even remembering my dreams lately.

Actually, I wish I could write more random and fun Little Busters stuff. My moods have been so crappy lately. I’ve barely felt like doing anything and mostly been plain miserable, so I’ve hardly written anything and haven’t been updating my blogs.

I think I’ve been feeling better since I stopped drinking coffee (as of a week ago) so maybe I can finally start actually doing things. Yay~

Now, what was I doing? Oh yeah, Kyouriki shower sex. \O/ It’s barely progressed since last night because I suck and take forever to write things.

I want to finish that ice cream sundae challenge fic too… yes, I wrote about everyone attempting a sundae challenge. Fun! Random, fun and silly things are good. Like the Little Busters! 4-Koma… I love the 4-Koma. It’s just everyone doing fun things and being happy and enjoying themselves… just the kind of thing I love about Little Busters.