Today is the 10th anniversary of Little Busters, yay~! \O/ Ten years ago today, my very favourite visual novel was released in Japan. I’m still waiting for the English Edition to be released on Steam… ‘.’ By the end of August, huh? And here I was hoping it would be released earlier. Oh well, it will be so worth it when it’s finally out!

Drinking champagne in celebration. Mmm, champagne is so good. Yum yum~ Nice to be able to celebrate uninterrupted. Ah, I remember the day I celebrated the fourth anniversary of my starting Little Busters (29th September) and I was going to watch a stream of the final episode of the Danganronpa 3 anime. I had already started on the champagne, the episode was literally just beginning… and my sister turned up to announce the 12 year old family dog (who had been taken in to the vet earlier) was dead, being put down.

… That sucked.

Anyway, let’s not dwell on sad things. Today is a day of celebration! Yahoo! So, what have I been doing? Uh… drinking champagne, hugging my Kyousuke dakimakura and listening to Little Busters music. Yeah, real exciting. XD I love being able to drink champagne for frivolous stuff like this, heh. Being an adult is great. :3 Nobody outside of the Japanese fandom is really talking about the tenth anniversary. The fandom on Tumblr died a long time ago…

The Kud Wafter anime is going to have the other members of the Little Busters besides Riki and Kud in it, so that’s awesome. Though it’s still in crowdfunding right now, and we won’t be seeing it until Fall 2019 at the earliest, so meh. Wonder if it will even reach the goal for a theatrical release. Hasn’t reached 30 minute OVA goal yet but I’m sure it will. A 20 minute OVA would be disappointing, like what even would be the point? I just want more Kyousuke.

Kyousuke in summer uniform. Mmm. :p~ Kyousukeeeee…


One thought on “Wafuuu~!

  1. I would love a Kud anime, and I’m pretty sure we’ll get it…eventually. I never played the game, but I enjoyed the stunted anime adaptation. 🙂

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