Happy birthday, Kyousuke!

Ah, yes, it’s midnight in Japan, so April 4th has begun and naturally that means it’s time to start celebrating my husbando’s birthday. By celebrating, I mean drinking champagne and blasting Boys Don’t Cry from my computer speakers. Youtube repeat sites are the best.

And then I remember I actually have Little Busters music right on my hard drive. Well, whatever.


Happy birthday ❤

(yeah, yeah, this isn’t the first picture I’ve taken of my dakimakura with a glass of fizz. Meh.)

There’s plenty of reason to celebrate, Kyousuke’s birthday aside. Little Busters is finally progressing and is even on Steam Greenlight! \O/ And it’s even had a lot of work done on it. It’s not just a lazy dump of Perfect Edition in an advanced version of Reallive, nope. A new engine. Touch support. Improved backlog. Higher resolution graphics. It’s essentially the console version for PC with touch support.

I’m so excited.

Screencapping LB is going to be even easier now. No more alt + print screen and pasting in Photoshop… I did try Greenshot out but, meh. And that touch support… sweet. I can probably use my Wacom tablet for that. I do have a Windows tablet, though I’d have to install Steam on that. Visual novel reading on a tablet’s not so great ergonomically though… my neck and arms can attest to that.

Ahh, I’m so happy. An improved version of Little Busters… can’t wait for it to be released~

It is a bit ridiculous to be doing the Steam Greenlight thing, isn’t it? I mean they already got Tomoyo After and Harmonia through, shouldn’t be any need to do it again. Oh well, hopefully it won’t take long.



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