Meh, I’m bored. Maybe I should actually try being productive. Haha, yeah right. I’ve been reading Clannad… just got Nagisa’s route left to do before After Story is unlocked. Kinda annoyed at all the homo jokes… every time it’s brought up, it’s treated as creepy or weird or a joke, ugh. Little Busters was much better with how it treated the subject. Not perfect though… perfect would be having an actual Kyousuke route with Riki and Kyousuke becoming a couple. Still, there was plenty of subtext in Little Busters.

It would be nice to have an actual place for Little Busters fans to chat, but… eh. I don’t really care much for hanging out with the Key fandom in general (and even they hardly ever talk about Little Busters, it’s always Rewrite this and Rewrite that…). Tumblr’s not so bad (as long as you’re careful about where you tread…) and the Little Busters fandom there is decent, but Tumblr doesn’t work so well as a forum. It really is a blogging platform after all.

Meh. It’s only half past ten… I should get off my lazy ass and do something. Maybe do some vacuuming. When did I last vacuum my house? … Good question. >_> I keep thinking about that half drunk bottle of sparkling wine in my fridge too, which I started last night. No, bad self, no drinking until twelve at the earliest. Don’t act like an alcoholic…

There are no new Little Busters goods in the Visual Arts sale at Comiket… well, it’s all lewd crap so who cares… there’s a new Kud dakimakura being sold by a different company though. Ugh. Why does Kud have to be so heavily sexualized… she’s the youngest of the group and looks it too. Fricking pedophiles… Kud fans are the scourge of the Little Busters fandom.

… why did Kud have to be the one to get the spin off… right, because she’s popular. I like Kud but I find her popularity annoying. I have issues…

Okay, enough rambling, I’m gonna try and actually get something done.


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