Starting over?

Getting imbibed on alcohol while lying in bed is ever so fun. Nothing like lying in bed and sipping a glass of wine. Living on my own is awesome.

So, what am I going to talk about now? Hmm. I wonder if I might start over on some of my sci-fi prompts for Mission Insane. Body Swap was fun, with Riki accidentally starting a rumour about Rin being a cross-dressing boy, but it got bogged down in dialogue and feels a bit, egh. As much as I love Little Busters, I apparently don’t want to write like Maeda.

*glances at Charlotte*

Yeah, don’t write like Maeda.

… yes, I know I’m making no damn sense now.

But I want to write stuff that’s more… serious? Action-y? You know, with plot. I guess. If it’s just proceed from Point A to Point B with nothing but people talking, it’s a bit dull. I need to be more adventurous~

Unfortunately, sometimes I kind of suck at thinking of ideas.

NaNo is always a hurdle. All the dragging out I have to do…. T_T


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