Character Discussion

Didn’t get much writing done today, huh… I want to write, but I’m finding it difficult to actually write stuff. I can’t decide which prompts I even want to work on. So I’m going to just write in my blog.

There are way too many characters. o_o That’s how I feel sometimes. I prefer to focus on the childhood friends. The other girls beside Rin aren’t necessarily bad characters, I do like them, but I find if I have them all involved, my fics get bogged down in endless talking.

How’s that any different to the common route of Little Busters? LOL, I know >_> I actually prefer the scenes where all the childhood friends are together, and with as few of the other heroines besides Rin. Not that I don’t enjoy stuff like Kick The Can…

Scenes where Riki’s talking with a single heroine who isn’t Rin can actually feel pretty weak in comparison. Sure, there are some decent scenes, but I just really prefer the scenes with the other boys around.

Maybe that’s one reason why Refrain is so great, the heroines aren’t around? Eh… The interaction, the humour, the dialogue is really solid in Refrain. Refrain is great. The common route is great too.

I really just want to write about Kyousuke & Riki & Rin, and there’s no harm in having Masato and Kengo around either. Komari’s good to have around too so she can be in lesbians with Rin. Kurugaya is a fun character too though, with her perversion, and Mio for being a fujoshi. Hell yeah. Haruka and Kud are just, okay. I do like them though, I swear.

What about Kanata, Sasami and Saya? Ehh. I don’t really care about them. I don’t *dislike* them, I guess, I just have no interest in writing them. Sure, I guess they have managed to worm their way into the odd chapter or one-shot though. I’d just prefer to focus on the main cast.

The boys need more love, dammit. ;_; I want a Kyousuke figure. At least there’s the Kyousuke dakimakura, but I want a figure. I also kinda wouldn’t mind a cross-dressing Riki dakimakura. Huehuehue. Not gonna happen though. I figure we’re done with new Little Busters dakimakuras. Probably done with new Little Busters figures too.

At least there’s the anime box sets coming out soon. A Refrain one should follow. I’d like to see something new for the Little Busters 10th anniversary~ Probably won’t be much more than an artbook, but I wouldn’t mind a new artbook. Just gimme new Little Busters things. ;_;


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