Feeling like a fandom outcast

Feeling emo and feeling like a fandom outcast again, yippee~

I don’t know why, I haven’t done anything that would make me an actual outcast. The pairings I like are pretty normal. I write nice, normal fanfiction. … I’m actually wondering if it’s really okay to post bad porn on AO3, ahahaha ^^; Yeah, I know, I’m allowed to post whatever the hell I want but I just kinda imagine people in the Little Busters fandom recoiling at the sight of porn on the AO3 tag. Especially bad porn.

Well, it would be understandable to be cringing at bad porn.

I absolutely won’t post non-con on there. If I ever feel like doing it, I’ll just imagine a crying Komari. … I absolutely do not mix up the words ‘no-con’ and ‘non-con’ sometimes, nope. x_x

Komari’s H-scene though… *shudder* Why, oh why, did it have to take place when Komari had her breakdown. WTF. What the hell were they thinking?

Haruka’s isn’t much better. It takes place while she’s depressed over family stuff, but at least she’s sane during it. I think.

Rin having an H scene is also terrible. I mean, she’s so innocent and clueless about love. For Rin to actually have sex just feels so, so wrong on so many levels.

What was I talking about again?

Eh, I don’t know. It’s just difficult to put into words. I just got most of it off of my chest on my “secret” Twitter. The one I made to say stuff I feel like I can’t say on my main Twitter…

Probably better not to elaborate too much here anyway. So… yeah. It’s just feeling like I don’t quite fit in in certain places, like Twitter, that’s all. Meh, I just have issues, that’s all.

Anime Expo next month, huh? Maybe Sekai Project will announce a localization of Little Busters. I am so ready to throw money at a Little Busters kickstarter. COME AT ME.


One thought on “Feeling like a fandom outcast

  1. Oh no ;_; I hope you feel better soon.

    Also TOTALLY post porn omg. Do it do it do it. I know what you mean though, I feel the same a lot of the time – I have all these ideas for porn!fic I want to write for the series, and weird pairings, and I'm just like… if I write these and post them will fandom Hate Me Forever? “I want to write the weird thing! But I can't write the weird thing as my first thing in the fandom, that would be too weird…” etc. Though being life!busy also has me in the position where I first played LB! in 2013 and still haven't completed a fic for the series, bleh.

    On the upside, I enjoy LB! fandom for being pretty chill about acknowledging things like KyouRiki, that Komari and Rin are a totally cute pairing, etc. I had a friend write a fluffy fic about Mai and Sayuri from Kanon once, just about them being cute together, and there was kickback on that. Someone commenting about how ~disgusting~ it was, ~perverting their friendship~ etc etc and it was just like. You realize that Kanon was an 18+ game to begin with??? And that Yuuichi literally has a h-scene imagine spot of those two together??? Wanting to come back to them like, whatever, but it's -literally there in the game- so I don't know what there is to get so mad about… at least with LB! it feels more like, even if someone doesn't like shipping or slash or whatever, they can at least acknowledge why people would look at the characters and see that…! (Hopefully. And if not, whatever. I'll be over here in the happy shipping corner.)

    Yeah, I have a lot of Feelings about the LB! h-scenes, most of them negative. I could see it being okay with Kurugaya, and characters like Kud and Haruka are like, well, their routes are quite overtly romantic anyway, so even if I'm pretty cold on the idea, I guess I could kind of understand it…? I think Mio's scene is actually with Midori, isn't it? (I've only played the all-ages version of, well, the Converted Edition). Without having seen it in execution I can kind of appreciate the thinking behind that, in the sense that Midori is antagonistic enough already, I could see her using that as a way to mess with Riki's mind some more as a fairly in-character thing for her to do.

    Characters like Komari and Rin are just this huge resounding NO for me though. The only saving grace for Komari's is that it's in the bad ending, like even the game is going “yep, nope, this is a terrible idea” (Air did something similar iirc) but it's just, ugh, no, not good all round. It's already bad enough that Komari's had a breakdown, then the game has to basically turn it into non-con?! Not cool, game. And the whole point of Rin's route/s seemed to be that she wasn't ready for romance, that it's OKAY for romance to not be her focus, annnnnd then there's a h-scene in there anyway 😐 nooooo

    I'd actually been wondering for a while where they could even fit a scene like that into the storyline and have it even vaguely 'make sense' and all I could think of was maaaayyybe during Rin2, maybe they'd try to handwave it as part of when Riki and Rin ran off together? But no, as far as I can tell it's right at the end of the game anyway, and just, augh, why, no, why did you Key, why, why, no, why.

    A localization of LB! would make me sooooo happy, omg. I've been playing the PS3 version of Steins;Gate now that it's out in English, and I'm enjoying it, but it's also making me go “wow playing a visual novel like this is fun! WOW WHAT IF LITTLE BUSTERS CAME OUT IN ENGLISH ON THE PS3 WOULDN'T THAT BE PERFECT.”

    In the meantime I've been playing the Japanese version on the PS3 but that just makes me want it more. “This is fun! Wouldn't it be so much more fun if I could understand it? Oh well!”

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