Being a fujoshi

Today is going to be another productive day. \O/ I really feel like being productive. It’s amazing. I need to make up for that writing slump I was in.

Yes, I realize rambling in my blog isn’t exactly conductive but I don’t care. 😀

Man, how many times have I hit the search button on my Chromebook thinking it’s Caps Lock? I love my Chromebook though. ❤

Anyway, I’m going to work on the Mission Insane prompts some more.

Horror is done. Oh boy… I can’t wait to freak people out. Kink is just about done… although some of those prompts are severely half-assed, yahahaha ^^; I couldn’t really do anything for bondage and bdsm, and hot wax… hot wax? Really? That’s a kink? I don’t get it at all. Oh well. Yay for writing bad porn~

I’m also working on sci-fi prompts. There’s even more porn in there.

Am I going to do all these prompt tables? Eh, probably not, there are so many of them @_@ I’ll just have to sort the prompt tables out, decide which ones I’m willing to do and which ones to throw out. Some of these prompt tables are pretty good though.

There’s going to be plenty of Kyouriki ❤ Aw yeah, I love Kyouriki.

I wish I could go on about Kyouriki and retweet it on my Twitter, but, ugh. I have to be followed by those boring “normal” people who look down their nose at fujoshi, and dislike Kyouriki and Trap Riki, that kind of thing, ugh. ;_; It sucks.

I love cross-dressing Riki. I love Kyouriki. I am a fujoshi and damn proud of it too. Being surrounded by boring people sucks.

Then I guess I should just go be myself on Tumblr instead. Tumblr can be a bit stressful for me sometimes though, meh. But at least I can just not care about what people think of the stuff I post.

Okay, enough of this blogging, get back to ficcing, self!


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