I like crack

I am the brain breaking soldier of insanity and randomness, Sailor Crack! In the name of crack, I shall stupefy you!

… Doesn’t that sound kind of cool? I want to drown the world in crackalicious… uh, insanity. Yay~! \O/

What would everyone’s names be if they were magical girls? I was kind of wondering about that for some reason, like, what if I just used the meanings of the kanji used for their names?

So, Rin would be Jujube Bell…

Komari’s name… well, Kamikita is ‘God North’ and Komari is ‘small burr/ball’ Doesn’t Northern Goddess sound totally cool? You know, using all the kanji is difficult in some cases…

Uhh, so… Haruka… oh, geez, her given name is spelled with 3 kanji. Separately they mean leaf, stop and excellent.

… Ahh, never mind. ^^; This is more difficult than I thought. Sure, it’s easy enough when the character has a name

But I love crackfic~ Yaaaay~ Humour is awesome. I really love the common route in Little Busters, it’s so fun to just read it over and over and over again. Jun Maeda is a god.

It’s nice to be working on fanfiction again. Not only am I working on Mission: Insane Prompts, I’m also writing Komarin fluff with a set of 25 prompts. I love sweet and fluffy stuff. Yay for fluff! \O/ One day I should get back to the Kyouriki prompts and Daily Lives… they have been horribly neglected. =(

I wonder if I should put the Mission Insane prompts on NyaaNyaaDango… that’s one of my sockpuppets by the way. I was doing the Corpse Party fic on there but it died. Whoops. Then I was going to do a nightmare scenario fic with everyone having nightmares, but then I was like “THIS IS TOO DARK D: D: D: ABORT ABORT.” … but it would be absurd for everyone to be having nightmares about being chased in a land of candy floss by giant purple teddy bears while an orchestra plays the Barney theme in the background, you know?

I think I just don’t want to do anything too dark for Little Busters, so… yeah. Let’s just write about everyone having happy fun times as always \O/

… Some of my horror prompts for Mission Insane are pretty fucked up though, yikes. Well, it’s horror. I even managed to creep myself out writing some of them, ahahaha. ^^;

Why am I admitting to being a sockpuppet anyway…? Eh, I don’t care if people know, honestly. I have my reasons. They are pretty silly reasons but I honestly don’t care. But, yeah, there are so many different sets of prompts on Mission Insane and I don’t know about lumping them all into one fic. Maybe one fic for each set?

Maybe I’ll use my other alternate account. I kinda want to revive it. It’s got over 1 million words. Mostly shit fanfiction, though. Alright, selenia will be in charge of posting Mission Insane stuff so that rincchi won’t appear to be a fanfic tag spammer! (also, I totally want to reach 2 million)

… I can’t help it if nobody else is writing Little Busters fanfiction. T_T

Yes, I am being entirely silly, I know. Oh well.

Why do I have three different AO3 accounts? … Good question! I’m not really sure myself. Identity crises, fandom abandoning, sockpuppeting… it’s a mess. I created NyaaNyaaDango because. Uh. I wanted to experiment with writing styles. Or something. I don’t know.


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